Study on the balance problem of feed pulverizer

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The rotor is the core component of the feed pulverizer, whether the rotor balances determines whether the feed crusher can operate normally. The non-balance of rotor can cause the bearing position to withstand the moving load, the bearing fever, the noise abnormality, the body jitter, the whole machine movement state is unstable, which may cause unsafe hidden dangers. In order to slow down the rotor, the wear of the bearing, improve its work efficiency and service life, improve the working environment, and the rotor balance is an important project that must be considered when the feed crusher is designed and manufactured. The balance principle and method of the rotor of the feed pulverizer, the rational design of the imbalance moment and the rotor is important for balanced rotors. 1 Principle and method of the rotor balance 1.1 The rotor of the rotor is a disk rotor (see Figure 1), and the rotor mass may approximately be distributed in the same plane perpendicular to its rotation axis. If the centroid of the rotor is not on the rotation axis, the eccentricity of the eccentricity will generate inertia when turning it. This imbalance will also be manifested when the rotor is static, so it is called a static imbalance. GB 9239-1988 “Determination of Rigid Rotor Balance Quality Performing Unbalanced”” Standard “”If the support spacing of the disk rotor is large enough and the axial direction of the disk-shaped portion is quite small

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