Substation selection and process characteristics of dodentity and slowly puffed feed

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Different feed raw materials have a certain impact on the tightness of the puffed feed, and the production process of the puffed feed and the puffed cycle feed has a certain difference in the production process and the puffed floating feed, and the The Chin aquatic channel is exclusively reported that with further development of Chin aquaculture, the aquatic puffed feed is increasingly widely used. By heating and modulation, depth, heating, heating and pressurized and particulate formation, feed raw material m ures After the mode, expansion due to the pressure difference inside and outside the ring mode to form a puffed feed. the puffed feed is divided into three kinds of puffed floating feed and puffed and expanded feed, and the puffed floating feed is currently used in the current A wide range of puffed feeds are mature, while the feed tightness of the puffedding feed and the puffed slowed feed is different from the puffed floating feed, which has different requireme for feed raw materials and production processes. , Different Types of Puffed Feeds Select With the rapid development of my country’s aquatic feed industry, the expansive feed in recent years has been obtained. Vigorously promoted, bringing revolutionary impact on the aquatic feed and farming industry in my country. Due to the significant advantage of puffed feed relative to particle feed, my country’s puffed feed is quite popular, including puffed floating feed, puffed slowly feed and puffed feed, such as varieties using puffed floating feed including grassfish, tilapia , Squid, etc .; the use of puffedding feeds mainly have crabs, shrimps, squid, etc., and some fish are required to slow down due to cultured water or foodability, which can improve the feed rate of feed, for example Da Lingzi, river group and sea sauce. Dali Feed Service Animal Husband in Aquatic Puffed Feed, used Feed raw materials include fish powder, meat powder, soybean meal, vegetable meal, cotton meal, DDGS, rice bran, corn powder, rice protein powder, alcohol, beer yeast, flour, wheat, sub t, fish oil, soybean oil, vitamin, mineral salt, etc. Among them, animal protein sources have been deeply processed and ripened, causing poor adhesion between the raw materials, which has a certain impact on the tightness of the feed; the different plant raw material fiber content is not the same, when the feed is expanded, Puffed equipment produces different effects, and the tightness of the feed is also large. Therefore, when producing different puffed feeds, different feed raw materials should be selected according to different feed costs, process characteristics and feed tightness requireme. Service Animal Husband Floating and Sinking Comparison – Service Animal Husband
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