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At prnt, there are many rarch on modern enterprise equipment management at home and abroad, and there are many mature theories and rich experience. However, the actual situation of my country’s feed enterprise equipment management is different from other industries such as electronics, machinery, and the advanced equipment management model is not necessarily suitable for the actual feed company. In this paper, based on the current situation and existing problems of my country’s feed enterprise equipment management, the problems and corresponding countermeasures of the equipment management of feed enterprises have conducted preliminary discussion. 1 Current status quo and existence of my country’s feed enterprise equipment management 1.1 Since the status quo of equipment management, my country’s feed industry has developed rapidly, and there are more than 10,000 do tic and small feed companies. However, due to the variety of reasons, most feed companies only pay attention to the production, sales, and neglect equipment management, and don’t talk about the establishment of a well-established equipment management system suitable for enterprises. Especially some small and medium-sized enterprises, there is basically no device management, which makes it only to stay in the passive status of the equipment is broken. It does not pay attention to the usual maintenance of the equipment. , A series of problems such as low equipment use efficiency, short service life, high production cost, unstable product quality, etc.. In the long run, this state will directly affect the economic benefits of the company, weaken the market competitiveness of the company. 1.2 Device Management Existence 1.2.1 Leadership The status of the equipment management is not enough to understand the status of the equipment, some feed companies, in order to pursue the short-term economic benefits of the enterprise, blindly pursue output value, only pay attention to the production and sales, neglect equipment management The management problem of equipment will be considered until the equipment has serious problems, affecting the production and development of the company. Therefore, as a leader and decision maker in the enterprise must recognize the importance of equipment management. Because, enterprises must develop, good equipment operation status is the basis and premise of producing high quality products. Without equipment management, it will eventually lead to the production of enterprises to produce normally, and they will not be able to develop. 1.2.2 Equipment management work is simplified, some feed companies have not started from the actual situation of production, simplification of equipment management, but staying in the state of cleaning equipment, equipment is broken, repaired, only fire, not fire Make equipment operation instability or even risk, which affects the production efficiency of the company, increasing the operating cost of the company, and it is easy to breed safety hazards. 1.2.3 Equipment operation, the quality of management is relatively low, and the subsequent education training is not enough feed companies and others such as electronics, machinery industries, etc., the quality of equipment management and operators are generally low. The equipment maintenance foundation is weak, the basic cultural quality is not high, and the professional and technical quality is low. Some employees are unclear for some advanced equipment structure, principles, and performance, etc., can’t talk about correct use and maintenance, causing human mistakes. Although some employees can use and maintain equipment correctly, they cannot take the deterioration of equipment compone in time, and cannot be carried out on days.Treatment of normal maintenance and emergency failure. Some feed companies refer to management costs, and their employees are not improved in order to increase the management of equipment management and operators. The quality of their employees is not improved, and good equipment operation is seriously hindered, and equipment management is often passive. 1.2.4 Equipment management system is unminerated, not in place The line is in the same way, the stability of the equipment is not guaranteed. 2 Significance of enhancing equipment management 2.1 Equipment management is the premise of implementing safety production and environmental protection [1] Equipment in feed enterprises often operate at high speed, high load, high temperature, high pressure. Once an accident occurs, it is easy to cause damage to the equipment and casualties. In the production of unexpected equipment and personal accide not only disrupted the production order of the company, but also enabled enterprises to suffer significant economic losses. Therefore, it is very important to prevent equipment accide in actual production to ensure safety production. In addition, if the production equipment is behind, the equipment management is not good, it is easy to cause environmental pollution. Such as exhaustion of wind turbine, pulverizer noise, dust and other harmful substances. 2.2 Equipment Management is one of the main factors of corporate product quality. The accuracy, performance, reliability, and durability of the equipment directly affect the quality of the product. So do a good job in equipment management, ensuring that the equipment is in a good technical state, in order to produce high quality products. 2.3 Equipment management is whether enterprises can deliver an important condition in modern feed production. Due to the complex equipment structure, the degree of automation is high, the various compone are very close. If the equipment is not good, once an important device is faulty It may cause the entire production line to malfunction, so that the continuity of production is destroyed, causing enterprises to produce them as planned. Therefore, good equipment management is an important condition for the delivery of the feed company on schedule. 2.4 Equipment management is an important way to reduce product costs and improve corporate economic benefits [2] One of the important means of feed enterprise competition is cost-effective, the lower the cost, the stronger the company’s competitiveness. However, with the modernization of production, the costs of enterprises in equipment such as maintenance fees, fixed assets, energy expenses, etc. More and more. Enhance equipment management, proper and reasonable use of equipment, can reduce equipment maintenance costs, reduce the cost of use within the life cycle, reduce fault downtime, improve work efficiency, reduce the fixed asset investment of enterprises, reduce costs, and improve the economic benefits of enterprises. 3 Enhance the effective measures for equipment management 3.1 Transformation concepts, implement the whole process of comprehensive management feed enterprises to transform the concept of heavy production marketing light equipment management, truly realize that equipment management and production management are equally important. Otherwise, the implementation of equipment management can only be in the form, walk through the field, and pay the corporate decision-making layer, making the current status of the equipment more harsh.Finally affect the development of the company. On the other hand, it is necessary to transform the equipment management is only the management of the manager. The equipment is broken, so that it truly reaches the highest manager from the company to the on-site worker, from the engineering department to the maintenance department to the whole system of the whole process of the equipment. Integrated management. 3.2 Strengthen continuing education training, improve equipment use, management, and maintenance personnel quality for feed corporate equipment management, use, maintenance personnel’s relatively low realities, and strengthen its continuing education training is necessary. Therefore, enterprises must be willing to invest in intellectual investment, attach importance to employee’s potential development, which must regularly organize technical training and post training within the interior, but also to create conditions for equipment managers, technicians, maintenance personnel, and study at home and abroad. Advanced equipment management concept, modern management knowledge and advanced maintenance technology, enabling equipment management, use, maintenance personnel’s cultural quality and technical level, can grasp the specifications of equipment and maintenance, clearly understand the construction and function of equipment, Check, measure, repair the skills of degradation of equipment to better serve enterprises and improve corporate competitiveness. 3.3 Strengthening the production equipment of the management feed enterprises for key equipment generally dozens of equipment, the number of equipment in large feed mills can be more than 100. However, the machinery and maintenance workers of the feed mill, how to ensure the normal operation of the workshop production equipment in the case of human equipment, is a matter of attention to the production supervisor of each feed plant. After practical rarch, the implementation of the key equipment management system in feed enterprises is a practical equipment management method. Its main idea is to classify the equipment of the feed mill to formulate the corresponding equipment maintenance management method. From production, quality, cost, safety, maintenance, etc., feed enterprise production equipment can be divided into three categories of key equipment, important equipment, general equipment. Key equipment is often an unreplaceable device across the process, and its normal operation will directly determine whether the production can be performed, and its performance directly determines product quality. Such as pulverizer, mixer, mixed delivery equipment, granulator, boiler, etc., all of the feed workshop. Key management needs, strict implementation of daily maintenance. Taking a crusher (including negative pressure suction system) as an example, first, whether it is crusher or the maintenance worker must clarify its intact standard, and to formulate inspection specifications, it is determined that its key compone such as bearings, rotors, negative pressure Saucetable dust collector solenoid valve and cloth bag and daily inspection and periodic inspection cycle of vibration and noise in operation, in order to find out the equipment failure in time. The daily examination of the pulverizer must be carried out each class, and regular examination is generally carried out once a quarter. 1 For equipment such as crusher, specific maintenance procedures and standards must be developed, including safety operation procedures, maintenance procedures, easy-to-lose parts replacement procedures, common faults and exclusion methods, etc., and require operators and maintenance workers Strictly follow th procedures and standards, the pulverizer is operated and daily maintenance, weekend maintenance,Regular maintenance and normal lubrication work. 2 Analysis of strict faults. Once the device is faulty, while the fault is ruled out, it is necessary to analyze the causes of faults, summarize the experience, formulate precautions, and reduce the failure rate of key devices. At the same time, we must insist on doing a good job in the case of equipment accide. 3 Strengthen the lossless parts of key equipment and the management of common parts. The hammer of the pulverizer, the sieve, and the bearing must have sufficient rrves, and at the same time, we must strictly control the purchase channel to ensure quality. 4 Maintenance and maintenance of key equipment to be prioritized, focus on implementation. 5 Key equipment technical materials include the instruction manual, spare parts and specifications, lubrication specifications, electrical maps, maintenance procedures, maintenance record files, spare parts files, etc. must be complete. 6 The operator must be specially trained, after the examination is passed, it can be employed. In actual production, different processes and equipment configurations make the focus of each device are different. At the same time, the key equipment in each workshop should be adjusted and revised each year, and its purpose is to highlight key devices and improve equipment management efficiency. 3.4 Establishing Maintenance System and Maintenance Plan [3] Good equipment management, in addition to the correct and reasonable use of equipment, important maintenance and timely maintenance. Maintenance of equipment must be carried out in daily maintenance, primary maintenance and secondary maintenance. Daily maintenance is generally completed by the operating work, mainly to clean, lubricate, fastened, adjustment, observation and inspection of the equipment every day, and clearing some small faults. At first-level maintenance, it is generally carried out after 500 ~ 700 h, which is generally carried out regularly by the operating work in the guidance of the maintenance worker, mainly according to the use of the equipment, cleans the parts, adjusts the gap, and clear surface oil. After the first-level maintenance is completed, it is recorded. Secondary maintenance is generally the equipment cumulative operation 2 500 ~ 3 000 h, generally performed regularly under the mating of the operator, mainly for equipment to perform local disassembly inspection, cleaning and changing oil, repair or replace the lossless parts Wait. Equipment maintenance must formulate specific plans. According to the use of different equipment, equipment maintenance should be planned from long-term maintenance, annual maintenance, quarter maintenance, monthly maintenance and week maintenance, to ensure that the equipment is in good condition and guaranteeing production normally. Reference [1] Li Weiwen. Modern Equipment Asset Management [M]. Beijing: Machinery Industry Press, 2006. [2] Lin Yunming. Equipment Management [M]. Beijing: Machinery Industry Press, 1996. [3] Wang Weijie, Shiboqiang Modern equipment management [M]. Beijing: Metallurgical Industry Press, 2007.

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