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With the development of my country’s feed industry, feed puffing technology has taken over to pay attention to the feed industry. The use of puffed techniques can not only pretreatment of certain feed materials, reach sterilization, disinfection, breaking anti-nutrition factor, improve feed efficiency, reducing feeding costs, especially for aquaculture, poultry, young animals and pet breeding more superiority . In the current application of my country’s feed puffing technology, it is only in starting. Most of the puffed craftsmanship of feed power is limited to a single sleeve in the process process, and the supporting process and equipment after feed expansion have lack a comprehensive understanding. To this end, this paper combines the advanced experience of foreign feed infusion and the equipment. 1 Feed Puff Brief Description 1. The basic principle of feed inflation is pretreated after pretreatment, heating, humidifying and stringing, and simply stepped by mechanically extruding the mold hole. A force-permeable method for generating volume expansion. 1.2 Feed Puffed Classification can be divided into extrusion and gas hot pressing according to the processing method; it can be divided into wet and dry puffed in accordance with whether or not to add steam and water. (The screw extrusion of the screw will be described herein). 1.3 Feed influence range raw material puffed and product expansion. Raw puffing is pretreatment of raw materials to increase the quality and utilization. Such as corn, soybeans, feather powder, etc .; product puffed is mainly to process puffed by water and pet feed, such as young animals and fish shrimp, etc. such as lactaria. 2 Feed Expansion Process This paper is based on a powdered feed production process, comprehensively considering the puffing of raw materials and product expansion. Figure 1 is a flow block diagram of the feed puffing process. 2.1 Raw puffed raw materials After cleaning, enter the expander, after the cutting machine, the cutting machine is cut into the dryer, and the direct access to the dryer does not need to be cut, and then cool, crush, and sieve it. . 2.2 Product Puffed Mixed Powder Products, can directly enter the step of puffing, cutting, drying, but a water product such as puffed fish and shrimp is required to perform a microcanoid and then puffed. After drying materials, liquid spraying (referring to oil, water-soluble vitamins) should be subjected to liquid spraying and then cooled, pulverized, sieved, and metered. 3 The main equipment of the feed infusion process 3.1 Expanded Vehicle is a key device for feed expansion production. The most widely used feed industry is a single screw extruded expander. Single screw squeezing puffed machine moisture and dry type, dry expansion machine is only dry steam heating pre-regulating in front of the feedstock into the expansion machine, and the expandable machine itself does not have steam and water adding means for extrusion The pressure and temperature in the cty should not be too high, mostly used in the puffing of feed feedstock, such as the puffing of all fat soybeans. The wet-type duffling machine is different from the dry dawn machine that it can be used to add steam to the feed in the spring stripper and steam, and can add steam to the steam addition holes of the e-varying segment equipment. Some in the expander An additional water is also provided at the mouth, which can be added according to the different puffed material conditions, while controlling the expanded cty.Temperature, all segme of ular sleeves have a water-cooled jacket. After this expanded material is high, it is necessary to be dried and then cooled. The wet expander can also be used for dry dawn, but needs to replace the spiral. Wet diverting machines are mostly used to produce full-price feed products such as mastulent pigs, fish shrimp and other aquatic feed, etc. Basic Construction of Expanders 3.2 Dryer Feed Factory Generally used dryer horizontal dryer, plowing knife drying machine, fluid bed dryer, drum dryer, etc. This article only briefly describes horizontal dryers and pilling drying coolers. The horizontal dryer is a steam coil, hot air, and is introduced by the fan into the drying box, and the drying box is provided with a single layer or double-layer crawler bed, drying material is entering drying. After the machine is adjusted by the adjustment mechanism, the material is adjusted, and the material is uniformly distributed over the entire width of the housing. The hot air passes through a housing with a hole, and the material that will be operated on the housing is dried and dehydrated by the air blower. The operating speed of the housing is adjusted by the stepless speed motor, the material is high, and the running speed is slow, and it is adjusted. This dryer is more suitable for the production of puffed particles. The plowing knife drying cooler is a collection of materials drying-cooling, which consists of two parts of the drying section and the cooling section, and the material is first entering the drying section, and the drying section is heated by the fan. After the hot air is introduced, the material is heated by hot air in the agitating roll of the pilling knife, and gradually feeds into the cooling section. The cooling section is blown out of the wind blows from the outlet end, and is suck the wind in the air in the middle of the suction port, and the purpose of cooling the material and the cold air exchange heat is achieved. The device is more suitable for drying cooling after feed feedstock, such as drying cooling after all fat soy powder. 3.3 Cooler Feed Factory is a horizontal cooler with a horizontal cooler. Roller cooler, countercurrent pendulum cooler, vertical cooler, etc. This article briefly describes the horizontal cooler. The horizontal cooler has two types of single-layer and double-layer, and the basic structure is made of a feed regulating mechanism, a housing bed that can move parallel to the vent and suction port, and a speed control mechanism. The cooled material is uniformly distributed on the housing under the adjustment of the feed adjustment mechanism, and the bed is moved slowly to the other end under the chain drag. The cold air enters and vertically through the material layer on the material layer on the hinder, and the heat of the material is taken away from the material, thereby achieving the cooling and drying of the material. The operating speed of the bed is adjusted according to the temperature and moisture conditions of the material, and the material temperature is high, and the moisture is slow, and the moisture can be slowly adjusted. Generally, the operating speed of the typical bed is between 0.15-1.5 m / min. 3.4 Roller liquid spray machine Generally, after high temperature and high pressure expanded feed, vitamin loss is large, in order to make up for the lack of vitamins in the feed, liquid sprayer can be sprayed into the feed. In addition, for some fat content High feed, such as adding high fat before puffing, reduces the puffed effect, for this purpose, after the fluid spray machine, the feed is fed.Spray, that is, to ensure the puffed effect, and improve the fat content in the feed.The liquid sprayer is mostly a roller type, and its substantially constructed is composed of a feed apparatus, a drum spiral blade, a liquid spray and a motor drive device, or the like.The drum can be adjusted by the adjustment mechanism, so that the feed end has a certain inclination in the horizontal direction, and flows to the outlet end.The material to be liquid-sprayed is operated by the feed device into the rotating roller, and operates down the discharge opening in the drum inner wall spiral blades, and a two-group nozzle is disposed in the middle of the drum, and the liquid to be added is under the action of the pump.The tank is pumped and sent to the spray head through the pipe, and the material surface is filled with the liquid and partially injects the inside of the material, and finally the discharge is discharged.In general, the material is puffed, dried directly into the liquid spray machine, and the dry heat is baked to the liquid absorption, but the cooled should be carried out after spraying.

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