Talking about the processing of small particles of aquatic feed single screw duffling machine

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At present, the aquatic duffling machine has been widely popular in the field of aquatic feed, and the puffed aquatic feed is a high-end product with high cultural and high conversion, and more environmentally friendly requirements have become more and more market acceptance. With the further improvement of puffed techniques, many manufacturers change the small particle aquatic feed for the original use of crushing process to produce the use of expander production, and the mold for producing small particulate aquatic feed is typically 1.2mm, 1.0mm and 0.8mm, even some. The manufacturer requires a puffed particles having a mold aperture of 0.6 mm.
The advantage of using crushing process processing is more convenient, relatively low, but its formulation cost is high, the amount of powder is large, the stability in water is different, etc. Many shortcomings have made everyone more inclined to use Durable direct production. Small particles are directly puffed using a puffed machine, having a low formulation cost, low content of powder, good stability, and beautiful appearance, but it is relatively troublesome, and the processing cost is 0.6, especially the processing mold. When the puffed particles of MM, due to the decrease in capacity, the requirements of process configuration are more stringent, so it has higher cost.
This paper is 1.0mm in the mold, and the expansion machine uses single-screw expansion machine to produce small diameter particle influenced aquatic feed as an example. For the process of process arrangement, process parameters, and production precautions in the production process for everyone a brief introduction. .
1 Pre-formation of feedstocks
Processing small particle influenced aquatic feed has extremely strict requirements for the pulverization of raw materials. In theory, the pulverization fineness of the raw material reaches 100% through 60 mesh sieves, it can ensure that the dawn can be produced normally. However, in practice, such a pulverized fineness is produced, and after a period of operation, the mold hole begins to block, and the expansion coefficient of the particles will gradually become large, and the puffed particles will become long. When there is a more mold hole being blocked, at this time, the speed of the cutter reaches the limit does not reach the length of the puffed particles, and ultimately selects the shutdown cleaning mold.
So in order to be able to produce for a long time, it is recommended that the powder of the raw material is 100% more than 80 mesh sieve, the minimum is 98%, and the maximum particle size of the sieve must not exceed 0.3 mm. The raw material can ensure the stable production of the duffed machine for a long period of time, and the raw material is relatively smooth due to pulverizing, the appearance of the puffed particles is relatively smooth and beautiful.
Table 3-1 Comparative Point of Fabrication and Direct Puff Process Processing Small Granules

2 Devices and requirements before the puffer segment before puffed Fineness is not only related to the crushing equipment, but also involves the screening equipment, that is, the fineness of the final material is assured by the crushing equipment and the screening equipment.

2. Requirements and control of crushing equipment

The choice of crushing equipment is the key to the entire process design.The raw material pulverity requires 80 mesh, and there is currently a vertical ultrafine pulverizer, and the current hammer pulverizer is not required. Moreover, the feedstock requires such a fineness, and the ultrafine pulverizer used also needs to have a strict control requirements.
Taking a microfiner as an example, it is necessary to control the fineness of the raw material by controlling the speed of the hierarchy wheel on the ultrafine pulverizer. For a general fish material, when such a fineness is required, the inverter of the classified wheel is generally controlled around 40 Hz; at the same time, the opening of the wind turbine is hit, and the general door opening is about 20%. Under such a condition, gradually increase the amount of feed, improve the load rate of the main motor, when the main motor load reaches 90%, the equipment is stabilized. Under such a working condition, the fineness of the material from the pulverizer can generally reach more than 80 mes.
2.2 Screening equipment requirements and control
After the material passes, there is a small amount of large particles, and there are some impurities throughout the process, and the fibers in the material during the pulverization process. Due to the smaller weight, there is also a portion of the fibers that are not smashed well. These impurities and fibers can be “melted”” in a portion of the expander extrusion process

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