Talking about the scale of pig farms light fetal mother pig single house production process

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The tire mother pig in the scale pig farm generally uses a single-column unit hard floor half-leakage, and each unit house is suitable for the phase of the breeding pregnancy sow, each unit house. Batch can be raised by 80-100 sows, and its production process is approximately as follows. 1 All in the whole unit prepares the pig group to transfer, the unit must be cleaned, sprayed, disinfected, and dry it. The pig group transferred into the pigs must come from the same style of pregnancy test unit, must be sprayed with warm water, after disinfecting, can enter the light mother pig monolry. When the population is transferred to the pig group, it must be positioned according to the selection of the sow and the mother pig population. The groups are positioned according to the mortal fat and thin, and the light sow data card is confirmed to pay for feeding management. The pig group turned from the pig group to the third week of the light fetal mother pig unit, and made a comprehensive pregnancy test. If it was found that there was no pregnant pig, it was rinsed, and after disinfection, he turned to the breeding pregnancy examination a sow unit house. The light mother pig group stayed in the light mother pig unit for about 8 weeks, and the expiration was inspected. Normal, heated, and after disinfecting, after disinfection, transferred to the mother pig unit. 2 Hygiene and epidemic prevention keeps cleanliness of the cleaning of the cleaning column 2 ti , first set the feces cleaning, flush the sewage ditch, etc. Every week, the whole week was cleaned, and the whole month was swept away and sprayed 1 time. Workwear and tools must be cleaned regularly, disinfect, dried, keep cleaning, no odor. Maintain effective disinfection replacement units of the entrance and exit disinfecting pool drugs once a day. The pig group was transferred one week, and the co-cleaning was cleaned up and pig disinfection was carried out. Every spring, spring, autumn, with each other, 1 time in the audience, 1 way to drive the bird, to ensure the effect of disinfection. Safety immunization stringent implementation of the immunoassay Safety immunity. Timely diagnosis and treatment of sick pigs is fully patrol pig groups every day and in-depth consultation, timely diagnosis and treatment of sowing pigs and pigtock disinfection, and transfer suspected infectious disease pigs to phase-out isolation zones. 3 Feeding Dietary Nutrition Light Feta Pig Single Shelter The full price combined with the diet is brought to bark, hay powder, and various mildew materials. The main nutrient content of the tire sow is: digestive energy ¡Ü11.7 megaw / kg, crude protein ¡Ý12%, crude fiber ¡Ü10%, lysine 0.35%, calcium 0.5%, salt 0.32 %, Add adequate compound vitamins and trace eleme. Feeding 2 meals per day, first do a good cleaning, feeding, feeding the feeding every day, except for 2.5 kg / head of the sow and thinner sows, the rest of the sow is 2.0 kg / head -2.2 kg /head. Before the feeding feeding, you must prepare for the feeding, first give a fixed unified signal, consolidate the reflection of feeding conditions. Feeding feeding is quick and accurate, try to shorten the time of the mother pig’s uneasiness, and reduce the waste of food. Feeding is sufficient, health,Water for drinking water is preferably free to drink water with automatic water dispenser. 4 tire heat, cold tire sows can withstand temperature range 10-27oc, critical high temperature is 30 Oc, suitable temperature 16-20 Oc, suitable for air humidity 65% -75%. If the temperature is ¡Ý 30OC or ¡Ü 4OC, and it is easy to cause miscarriage or dead tires for a long time. In summer, the heat is required to strengthen the ventilation and timing spray water mist, etc. In winter, the roof can be used to keep the roof and close the northern window door, etc., the temperature is warm, and the temperature in the house is ¡Ý15oc to prevent cold long stimulation causes abortion or dead tires. Prevent frightening and mechanical damage preve the struggle, jumping, and prohibiting barbaric operations, preventing strange things in the house, animals, sound, etc. Prevent constipation of light fetal mother pig dietary Âó 18 Ðë ĸ ÁÏ Öí Öí ĸ ĸ Öí Öí ÁÏ ÁÏ ÁÏ ÁÏ ÁÏ ÁÏ ÁÏ ÁÏ ÁÏ ÁÏ ÁÏ ÁÏ ÁÏ ÁÏ ÁÏ ÁÏ ÁÏ ÁÏ ÁÏ ÁÏ ÁÏ ÁÏ ÁÏ ÁÏ ÁÏ ÁÏ ÁÏ ÁÏ ÁÏ5 Collect data data to review the sow data card pigs to transfer to light fetal mother pig units, and fully review the data card headers first, and ensure accurate. Fill in the record table in time to fill in the consumption registration form, a breeding record table, a pregnancy check-in statement and a diagnosis and treatment of disease. Every time the statistics report, a number of sows must be submitted to 1 statistical report, including light pare transfer, pigs transfer (including unsatostatic and elimination, etc.), light tire protection, total period consumption The amount of material and the head consumption, etc. In the batch reproductive production process of the pig, the production process of light fetal mother pigs house is relatively simple, and its workload is approximately half of the breeding pregnancy test. Therefore, when a labor job is set up in a variety pregnancy test unit, it can consider setting a labor position. The new employees of the light fetal mother pig single house, the level of tertiary, the extent of the above-mentioned cultural level, and the master of the apprentice will work for half a year.

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