Teaching trough, milk production process (secondary granulation) flow chart

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Processing 1, must use the corn in the northeast, Xinjiang, etc., will not be available in Henan, Hebei, Shandong, Shanxi and its Corn in the south, and the corn crush must be drum-type cleaning sieve (two-layer screen), sieved the broken granules, not full, and dust. 2, the selected corn (can be mixed with some fresh grazes) and soybean meal’s first smash do not quite fine, too finely leads to the first granulation or The first granulation was carried out after coarse mixing of the raw material was carried out in accordance with the specified ratio. Service Livestock 3, the first granulation steam temperature as high as possible (more than 90 degrees) to ensure the thorough mixing and ripening of raw materials and steam; Not too high, do not exceed 60 degrees to avoid the loss of some of the nutrie that may be caused; the compression ratio of the ring mode: 5: 1. 4. The core must be pushed out from the small-range expenses or directly enter the mixer. It must be investigated in the middle of the market to ensure that the core can completely enter the mixer, because of the lactic pig , Teach troughs and lactose, mixing time should be slightly longer. Before the production of finished products, the pulverized corn must be cleaned to ensure that there will be no residual material within the equipment; the products produced are all equal. After the examination of the quality assignment, packaging is performed as required. Serving Livestock 5. The finished product loss rate is less than 0.5%, and the moisture content after granulation is: le; 12.5%. 6, all oil-containing raw materials, protein raw materials must be the most fresh, finished cemeldes (TBA) indicators le; 2 – Appendix 1 Granulation Process Main Parameter Control Table Serving Animal Stronger: Its Current should be strictly in accordance with equipment requireme to control speed: 300 -400 rpm (experience value: The speed is basically about 1/3 of the original equipment to produce conventional feed speeds) ring hole hole diameter (first / second): 3.5 -5.5 / 2.0-2.5mm (Teaching Slot 1.8-2.2mm) For the first granulation of the first granulation of the maximum aperture, the compression ratio is not limited but should be as possible Small the first granulation of animal husbandry first granulation is less water! second granulation ring mode compression ratio: 5: 1 (or 4: 1) Hardness Adjustment), compression ratio is too hard, tonguenot good.Gulin length: 5-8mm. the steam of the second granulation of livestock and animal husbandry is much water! steam temperature: First GE; 90 ¡ã CHigh, make the raw materials as fully as possible); second 50-60 ¡ã C (adjusted by hardness of the product); serving the steam pressure of the livestock cylinder: 4kg / cm2 (not less than3.5 kg / cm2) After Cooling Temperature: Room Temperature (Not higher than room temperature 4 ¡ã C) Serving Livestock Modulation (Over Steam Granulation) Moisture: 15-18%; the moisture content after granulation: le; 12.5%. Appendix II Basic Materials Matching Service Animal Husband –

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