The granulation package of the enzyme preparation is processed

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Currently, the development of the chemical phytase activity is high and the thermal stability is good, and it has been widely used in the feed industry.The preparation process is roughly as follows: The phytase-based liquid (300 ~ 1000 unit / mL) obtained by fermentation of gene engineering bacteria is filtered and overdueled, and the phytase concentrate (15000 to 20000 unit / ml) is obtained.The concentrated enzyme solution is mixed with a starch, a water-soluble inorganic salt, and organic matter, and evenly synthesize the dough shape in its processing equipment, extruded, cut, and rounded, a small particle is made, and then dried by low temperature gas flow.The siever has a diameter of enzyme particles in diameter (0.2 to 1.6 mm in diameter).Finally, the suitable water insoluble material is selected, and the outer surface protective layer is formed on the surface of the particles, and the packaged enzyme-containing particles are formed after the low temperature is dried.The thermal stability of the particulate enzyme preparation is influenced by the type, content and ratio of the added organic matter in addition to the structure of the enzyme protein itself.

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