The working principle and characteristics of twin screw dial

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1. Double screw dial structure
The material is supplied to the striupter through the conveying device, and the material is tested in the stront hypervilizer, which enters the puffed mechanism by the diarrhea tank, and the screw pump that is parallel to each other. The cut-cutting granulation is extruded in the mold hole of a certain shape.
2. Double screw dial puffling principle
The puffed mechanism of a typical twin-screw extruded puffed machine is a screw that is parallel to each other, and the screw is divided into three segments: the output section , Compressed melting section, uniform segment. In the feed section, the material is supplied from the hopper into the barrel, and as the screw is rotated, transport forward in the direction of the screw guide and gradually compacted. After entering the compressed melting section, due to the change in the spiral structure, the pressure is increased, and since the external heating from the barrel and the material between the two screws and the strong agitation of the screw and the barrel, the material is mixed. The temperature rises, start melting until all melts. Since the spheres are further reduced, the materials are further warmed by boosting, resulting in a series of complex biochemical reactions such as baked, fat, protein degeneration, etc., and reaches the uniform segment, the shunting board “”” “”The material from the illuminated cavity is uniformized to the template. At this time

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