The working principle and correct use of particulate feed processing regulators

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Teminesis is a processing process for hydrothermal treatment before the particulate material before granule, and the domestic and foreign studies have shown that tuning is one of the important factors affecting the quality of granules. It starts in the overall quality of the particle feed. The effect is about 20%. With the improvement of the quality requirements of particle feed, each feed processing enterprise is increasingly attaching importance to the tuning step in the feed processing, and the improvement of the upgrade and striupment equipment is what they currently improve the quality of granular feed products, improve market competitiveness. one.
First, the function of the massage in particle feed processing
1. Treatment of powder material is treated. Most animals digestive starch is very low, but to a large extent of digestive starch, the mass strip makes the material under hydrothermal effect, and the gelatinization of the starch increases, and the protein in the material is promoted. Determinative proteins are susceptible to enzymatic, thereby increasing the digestive utilization of particulate feed.
2, sterilization of powdery materials. Most pathogenic bacteria like harmful lesions such as E. coli and Salmonella, non-heat resistant, using a conditioner to prevent these pathoons to prevent these pathoons, so that the feed hygiene level is guaranteed, this through a conditioner The method of sterilizing materials is low, non-polluting, no drug residues and side effects compared to drug prevention.
3, the mass strip can significantly improve the water resistance of the particulate feed, by passing through the hydrothermal effect of steam, the viscous components in the material can sufficiently functioning the action of the binder. It can effectively bond other components around the periphery. Under the extrusion of the pressure-mold pressure roller, the particles are more close to each other, thereby making the particulate feed more intricate, the outer surface is smooth, and it is not easy to be in the feeding process. Water erosion increases the stability of water.
4, the tuning-striped equipment improves the granulation of materials, improves production, saves granulation energy consumption, improves granulator pressure mold, and the life of the pressure roller. By tuning, the material is softened, more plastic, in the extrusion process of the mold hole wall, the inner wall of the pressure roll, and avoids the temperature in the granulation, and the mechanical energy transformation is thermal energy, At the same time, the wear of the pressure mold and the pressure roller is simultaneously slowed.
Second, the type and working principle of the mass strip
1. Single-axle blade massagers
This tunmer is the earliest and most wide application of feed processing at home and abroad. The structure is simpler, and the cylindrical housing is equipped with a agitating shaft, and a plurality of stitched shafts can be adjusted, replaceable pulp leaves. When the striupter is working, the powder particles are moved in two directions under the blade agitation, and the first is rotated around the axis, and the second is the axial phase, and the motion trajectory is approximately the helix. Generally, the rotational speed of the general tunmer is 150-450 r / min. The propulsion speed of the material is related to the angle of the axial rotational speed and the pickup of the pulp leaves. Under the condition of the rotational speed, it can control the temperature of the material by adjusting the pickup angle of the paste leaf. If the angle of the pulp leaves is reduced to the position of the comparison, that is, the pulp shaft is formed.The angle of 750 to 850, so that each pulp leaves can be weakened to extend the retention time of the material in the regulation of the material. Generally, uniaxial blade injules are 2-3 meters long, and the powder can be reared in the spring-up, the degree of more than 20%, which can basically meet some common particulate feed teshang requirements.
2, steam jacket stripper
The general structure of such a tunmer is similar to the uniaxial blade strontium, and the housing is in the bilateral jacket, the jacket is passed into the steam. Insulation. This steam jacket stripper is limited to the heat of the powder in the work, because the heat is transmitted to the powder only through the surface of the stront, and the ratio of the surface area and the capacity is usually very low, plus one-general tuning The thermal conductivity of the powder is poor, so that there is no heat to pass to the powder, but the steam jacket prevents heat exchange directly from the tuning-striped chamber to the outdoor normal temperature atmosphere, effectively reduces heat loss, so that the inside of the conditioner can be maintained. Higher temperatures, therefore use this stroner effect in the cold winter and low temperatures.
3, two-pass, three-way striupter
In order to extend and control the residence time of the powder in the mass strip, 2-3 standard single-axle blades are superimposed above the granulator. The weighing is the two-way, three-way multi-layer tunnel we usually say. The feature of such a tunmer is in series, with multiple steam injection ports, and the powder is in turn through each strontium, and the material and vapor can be more fully contacted, and the powder can be The ripening is increased to about 40%.
4, two-axis diameter diaphragm
double-axle diaphragm diaphragm is also known as DDC pre-regulator, it is in single-axis pulp injection Based on the base, the housing is formed by two large and semicircular welding of different radiors, and the housing is equipped with two blade agitating shafts of two speeds. There are a plurality of steam that can separately regulate steam in the casing. The injection port and liquid add mouth, during operation, due to the two-axis speed, reverse, the pulp leaf differential is moved, so that the powder and the adding liquid will throw up from the intermediate of the two agitation shafts and form convection together with the steam. Fully cut and staggered mixing, the powder is “8”” by “”8″”

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