Transforming the hammer crusher and increase the effectiveness of 50%

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Abstract: Recovery hammer crusher, increased efficiency of 50%, the working principle of the hammer crusher is broken by the material and hammer, sieve plate, hit, shear, rubbing, and rubbed. The hammer pulverizer is transformed, and the working principle of the 50% hammer crusher is broken by the material and the hammer, sieve plate, hit, shear, and rubbed. The housing and screen plates are fixed, and the hammer is rotated with the rotor spindle, and the shock material also drives the material. The crushing material smaller than the screen is leaking through the screen plate, and the large particles continue to be pulverized. The crush of the material in the hammer crusher is mainly achieved by impact. The inner cty of the pulverizer housing is circular. After the injection of the injection, the material often rotates synchronously with the hammer, and the opportunity to continue to hit the crushing of the hammer, and reduce productivity. Later, the cab case was changed to a water droplet shape, and the situation was improved. Therefore, it is thought that the synchronous rotation of the material and the hammer will change the motion state of the material particles in the machine, and the opportunity to increase its hi-hammer impact will inevitably improve the work efficiency. Due to the difference in the design structure of each type of pulverizer, the casing can be welded to the casing in the middle of the two sets of hammer passages without affecting the screening plate. (Figure) The side-by-side screen plate has sufficient thickness and strength, and the package can be fixed in the appropriate position of the screen. There have been brave innovators installed such a package in the vintage crusher, and the crushing efficiency is measured, and it has increased more than 50% of the equipment!

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