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In the past two years, with the Australian sorghum barley and American sorghum enter the Chin market, the application of sorghum barley in the feed is increasingly accepted by the market. Sorghum barley as a raw material that can replace corn feed has been applied in more feed companies. At more study, the study of its production process is not ignored. , Crushing Process Country of Crushing Particle Size in Sorghum Barley. According to the Australian feed mill and farm self-ingredient data, the difference in sorghum barley crushing process is likely to cause low production efficiency, and in vitro starch digestion test prove that the granular particle size is, the lower the digestion, the sorghum or barley pulverization particle size cannot be greater than 1 mm. Other studies have been conclusively: for hard sorghum and soft sorghum, its ideal pulverization particle size is 300 microns to 500 microns, respectively. But as the age of pigs and chickens increases, the ideal particle size is also increased. Xiaobian believes that the sorghum barley crushing particle size should pay attention to the principle of more suitable massage, small particle size and unit weight feed contact face, tuning is more sufficient, so the sorghum barley feed is not too large (recommended sieve The wells do not exceed 1.2 mm). The hammer pulverizer is generally considered to reduce the pulverized particle size than the roller pulverizer. Service Animal Husband 2, Mixed Material Water Control the moisture content in the prenatal powder in front of the animal husbandry is a very important parameter, Feed finished product quality, feed processing efficiency, equipment loss, animal’s absorption of feed nutrie, and animal production performance have a large impact. Sorghum barley is a higher temperature and low humidity steam due to tuning, so that the water after mixing is particularly important, and the small editor is considered to be controlled after 12 to 12.5 %% of the mixed water. Because the best grain water is 15% -16.5%, each increase is 1% moisture, the temperature increased by 11 degrees, so if the moisture is too low, the temperature can not reach the optimum temperature, when the mix is too low, It is recommended to adjust the aqueous formation of a liquid antifungal agent in the mixer. an and Temperature Steam Requireme Higher Livestock Temperature is an important part of feed production. The steam quality acts on the quality of the tuning temperance. Templates are steam to pass moisture, thermal energy to the feed, only dry saturated steam can quickly transfer thermal energy to feed, saturated steam heat transfer is instantaneous. The overheating steam requires a self-cooling process of 2-3 minutes by a 2-3 minute heat transfer performance due to low heat transfer performance, and the conditioning process is less than 3 minutes, so it is not better to complete the tuning. The heat capacity of wet steam is also very low, and the secondary evaporation will be more thermal energy, and the moisture containing the heat exchange of steam and feed, resulting in localThe moisture is high, and it is easy to cause the granulation slip. After the local water is high, it is not easy to be taken out, which is easy to cause local mildew. Barley , The starch is poor, and the granulation will also be more difficult, so the steam requireme are higher than corn feed. How to Ser High Dry Saturated Steam? Must do the following measures: 1, the steam pressure from the boiler must be guaranteed, generally Said that the steam from the boiler must guarantee pressure on 0.6MPa; 2, the transport pipeline must minimize loss: Use the pipeline of the appropriate pipe diameter to minimize the length of the pipeline. When the pipe length cannot be reduced, the pipe slope (100: 1 is tilted to the steam transport direction), and it is necessary to add salvation valves at the bottom of the pipe every 50 meters; 3. Before entering the conditioner, it is necessary to effectively decompress to adjust the steam pressure to a suitable pressure (different regulators, different species, and different types of tempered pressures) General tuning pressure is not easy to exceed 0.4 MPa; service livestock 4, decompression steam pipelines are greater than 1.5 ti the conveying pipe, and must be effective in hydrophobic, in general, there must be risers, bottom into steam before entering the conditioner. The upper end enters the stront machine, the bottom is hydrophobic, prevent condensed water into the regulator; 5, after decompression, pay close attention to temperature pressure, according to pressure verification temperature, ensure steam is Saturated steam (for example, pressure is 0.2 MPa after decompression, corresponding to 2.04 kg / m2, by querying its temperature should be 120.24 degrees, when the temperature is too high, its steam is superheated steam, when the temperature is too low, the wet steam), Generally, the pipeline after depression should not be treated, which is more beneficial to the steam temperature after decompression to the corresponding temperature. Service Animal Husband, Ground Circular Code Different due to many starch conte of sorghum barley, more fiber, when it is more Many extrusion can ensure smooth granulation, so the opening rate of the ring mold is not too high, otherwise the reduction in the area of the area will reduce the amount of feed squeezing, causing the difficulty of granulation, reducing the granulation capacity, and the small editor consider, equivalent The compression ratio is a ring mold that uses the sorghum barley feed to the feed of corn feed, which is slightly lower than the feed of corn feed.

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