Various reasons and solutions for particulate machine ring cracking

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Incorrect use and operational methods can easily cause the particulate machine ring type crack, affecting normal production, and we will jointly analyze the various reasons and solutions of particle machine ring cracking. (1) When the hoop work surface has a road to the bright spot and the drive wheel work surface, the cartoon card has been worn or deformable to cause a ring mold crack. Serving Animal Solution: You must replace the hoop in time. (2) Since the drive wheel fitting surface wear, the mold, the roller fit surface is clearly loosely caused by a ring mold crack. Service Animal Solution: You must replace the train or repair in a timely manner, or increase the surface of the ring molding surface. (3) Cracking Crack Cracks due to wear or deformation of the press molding liner. Solution: It must be checked and replaced in time. (4) Because the transmission key wears, the ring mold impact is opened. When the arrest is also related to the drive wheel, regularly measure the gap between the keys and the keyway, and replace the transmission key in time. (5) Since the spindle bearing is damaged, the spindle beat is caused by cracking. Solution: Timely Replace the Spindle Bearing. (6) Since the butterfly spring elastic is not hub, the spindle is swayed and causes the ring mold cracking. Serving Animal Solutions: Increase or Replace Butterfly Springs. (7) Due to an inappropriate safety pin, the safety pin is too large to cause a ring crack. Serving Animal Solution: The security pin provided by the company must be used. (8) Since the effect of the iron apparatus is deteriorated, the ring mode is a metal object indentation, and the ring mold is crackled. Solution: You must check and clean up the iron equipment in time. Service Livestock (9) Since the pressure roller is not installed in place, the relative offset of the pressure roller and the ring mold axial direction causes the ring mold cracking. Service Animal Solution: Correctly Installing Pressure Roller Assembly. (10) Due to the ring mold, the compression roller gap is too small, the ring mold and the pressure roller have caused the ring mold cracking. ServiceLive animal husbandry solution: reasonable smelling between 0.1mm to 0.3mm, and new molds are equipped with new pressure rollers. (11) Since the fiber is increased, the fed squeegee is fed to cause ring mold cracking. Solution: Install New Scrapes. (12) Since the ring model stops for a while, there is no ldquo; the molded mold rDQUO; The pressure is too large and causes the ring mold crack. Solution: The non-corrosive oily material must be filled immediately. (13) Due to the hard steel tool of loading and unloading ring (such as a hammer) directly hammer ring mold cracking. If you need to install a ring mode, apply a wooden hammer. (14) When the amount of feeding is too large or replaced, the feeder is adjusted in time, granulation is unevenly produced, resulting in increased ring die load, resulting in ring mold Crack. Solution: Adjust the Motor Speed, Adjust the Controller or Electromagnetic Controller. Service Animal Human (15) The wear of the press-shaped cover and the end-faced deformation, the snail is loose, resulting in a ring-die end surface screw hole to tear. Solution: Replace the Pressing Mover. service livestock equipment is also life and soul, only love is added, normal operation can extend its life and improve the quality of the particles. It is hoped that the various reasons and solutions of the above particulate machine ring molds are hoped to help everyone.

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