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Vegetable meal (raped pie) is a high protein feed using a very large value of 35% – 40%, digestive energy 10.46–12. 55kJ / kg, calcium calcium, 0.95% phosphorus, and iron , Copper, mangan, selenium, etc., the use of a nurse, mustard, mustard, phytic acid, and tannin, etc., it is used, and it is used to reduce the use. Mustard is in the needle, which can produce a variety of toxic substances in the digestive tract, so that the pork thyroid is large, the digestive tract and the liver, renal damage; mustard can cause animal growth to be blocked; phytic acid can be combined with calcium, magnesium, zinc combine, influence Intramothermal development; donate, in addition to bitter, hindering protein digestion. Therefore, the vegetable meal should be treated with detoxification to make feed. In the past, the process of disharinating in the past, there are mainly alkali-liquid neutralization, soaking method, soaking method, silaking method and ammonia treatment method, but not ideal, some methods lose the nutrie of vegetable meal, some methods, trouble, there is The method is time consuming, and some methods have wastewater discharge and pollute the environment. Recently, the author uses the high-active biological preparations produced by Shandong Zaozhuang City Animal Health Products Co., Ltd. to detach a good effect. Such highly active biological preparations are a class of high-efficiency activated bacteria formulations composed of lactic acid bacteria, yeast, Bacillus and white mildew. With its fermentation, treatment of raped cake can not only remove the toxic ingredie, but also increase the beneficial compone in raped cake. Detoxification specific steps and methods: 1. Raw material treatment: Main raw materials are vegetable meal, the machine squeezed seed cake is preferably pulverized first (the pulverizer is 2mm), the excipient is bran, corn flour. The raw materials are 90% from the raw bakes (), bran 5%, and mix 5% of corn flour. 2. Inoculation of microorganisms: The amount of inoculum is grasped by 1% – 2%, and the highly active bio-forming (dry powder) strain is subjected to resurrection, and the m ure is stirred in about 10 ti of warm water. 1–2 hours to improve the activity of strains. 3. Raw wetting: The amount of water is 55% – 60% of the weight of the material, and the specific amount is flexible according to the humidity in the room. 4. Mix: Add microbial fluid and stir well. 5. Fermentation: Mixing the mixed feed into the fermentation tank or other fermentation container, about 48 hours at 15-20 ¡ã C, to be surface layer to grow out of the white mycelium, the feed color is brown, there is obvious wine The flavor is ripe with fermentation. Fermentation mature feed can be coordinated with energy feeds such as corn, adding other additives to make full price feed. Since the fermentation time is relatively short, it is possible to prevent the fermentation from being contaminated by other hemping. In addition, the beneficial strains in high-active biological age are largely grown, producing a bacterial protein, amino acid, vitamin, protease, amylase, etc., can improve the nutritional value of raped meal. The tannins in the raped meal can be reduced by about 50%, thereby improving the marginality of raped meal. The author’s farm uses this method of detoxification of vegetable meal to feed the soybean meal in the proportion of 1.3: 1, where the sow is replaced by 80%, 60kg fattening pigs alternative 40%, 30-60KG fattening pigs replace 30%, achieved almost the same effect with pure uka.Local vegetable meal is 1100 yuan / ton, while soybean meal is 2400 yuan / ton.In 3 months, 2.3 tons of detoxification vegetable meal were used, and the high-active biological preparation expenses were only 30 yuan, but the soybean meal was consumed by 1.5 tons, and the cost is 100 yuan.

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