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The bad egg is a fresh duck egg, and it is a very famous traditional specialty food in my country. It is the most famous for Zhejiang Yanghuas and Sichuan Yibin. First, the ingredient standard is calculated according to the 120 fresh duck eggs, you need to use high quality glutinous rice 50 kg (75 kg of cooked glutinous rice), salt 1.5 kg, 200 grams of sweet drhythics, 100 grams of liquor. Second, the processing method 1, select the rice grain, color is white, no odor, and less odorous rice. First, the glutinous rice is placed, and the water is placed in the cylinder for 24 hours. After the flourishing glutinous rice, rinse it with water, pour it into the steamer. After boiling in the pot, put it in the pan, wait until the steam raises from the rice layer to the baked cover. Steam 10 minutes, with a small bamboo, withdraw the hot water on the mena, so that the rice is steadily embossed. The addition of steam for 15 minutes and makes the meal. Then put the steam bucket on the grade, with water for 2 to 3 minutes, so that the rice temperature drops to about 30 ¡ã C. 2, the rice after the water, drag the moisture, pour into the cylinder, plus sweet tallowesthes and liquor, thoroughly stir well, take a flat rice noodles, and dig a small round hole in the middle (above diameter 30 cm). The cylinder port is covered with a clean grass cover, and the cylinder is covered with a crack. After 22 ~ 30 hours, the wine juice in the cave has 3 to 4 cm deep, and it can remove the heat-insulation grass, and the wine juice is pushed on a small spoon every 6 hours to make it fully brewed. After 7 days, the wine was mixed and uniform, and it was allowed to stand in 14 days. 3, use the quality qualified fresh duck egg, wash, dry it. Hand-held bamboo slices (length 13 cm, width, thickness of 0.7 cm), the vertical side of the alignment is slightly smashed from the big head, and then hit once in the small head, to slightly crack, and the egg shell Can’t rupture. 4. The tip used in the past is cleaned in advance. When equipped, first lay on the bottom of the altar, discharge the broken egg, the egg is not too tight, add the second layer, put the second layer of eggs, lay up, close up The tile is a thin layer of alcohol and sprinkles salt. Generally, 120 eggs per alttage. Then, seal the mouth with the kraft paper, then cover the bamboo, tighten the rope, into the stock. Generally, every four altars, three-dimensional paper on the mandaple pad, the uppermost mandaper paper is followed by the brick. Generally, it can be mature after 5 months. Third, the characteristics of the product are mature, the eggshell is thin, naturally fall off. The protein is bright in white, and the egg yolk is red semi-coagulated. Worse, for cold food products, do not have to cook plus regimen, can eat eggshell membranes, taste mellow, and after eating.

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