Water-proof feed duffling machine installation instructions and related requirements

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At present, with the continuous development of the aquaculture industry, the use area of u200bu200bthe aquatic expansion machine is increasingly wide, and there are more and more projects for installation and use of aquatic duffling machine, and in these many manufacturers of aquatic duffling machine, Since the manufacturer’s production management personnel or engineering installation designer understands the same understanding of the production characteristics of the aquatic duffling machine, the use of the expansion machine installation and its supporting facilities are not the same, and the selection of the installation of each part of the entire expansion machine And the complete preteity of its supporting facilities directly affect the stability of the working performance of the dawn machine and the humanity of the expansion machine operation.
The aquatic expander described herein refers to a typical automatic control of the expander, which contains a broken wall bin, a feeder, a biaxial differential strobe, an extruder, a pipe frame, and an electrical Control system, etc. This paper gives some opinions for the choice of various parts of this type of expansion machine and its supporting facilities.
1. Mounting of the Arch Forwarded Warehouse and Feeders
A basic reference data in the sweller control system is the flow of the material, the amount of water, steam and other liquid adds in the system is the flow rate of the material. Baseline, the stability of material flow directly affects the stability of the production of the entire expansion machine. In order to ensure the stability of the logistics, the system uses a differential feeding, that is, put the entire feed bin and feeder on the weighing sensor, form a closed loop control between the weighing sensor, the frequency converter, and the computer. Feeding.
The basic requirement of the difference is the soft connection of the upper and lower interfaces, that is, the soft connection and feeder discharge port and striped strip fitting port between the pneumatic gate of the air-fed bunar and the moving air on the middle of the bunter. Soft connections, the soft connection between these two is generally connected to the material as a material.
The installation of the load cell is another important factor affecting the feed. Sensor installations generally have two forms: hoisting and palm, which can be employed based on the on-site needs. Some measures should be used to ensure the stability of the coaster when using hoisting. During the production of the dawn machine, when the feedstock is fed to the feed bin, the material drop caused the entire tranquent shadle, the length of the shake amplitude and the length of the swaying time is closely related to the length of the sensor lever, although the control procedure advances the material The feed data is used along the data prior to the feed, but after the material is adopted, if the hosh holds the shake, it directly affects the accuracy of the sensor weighing, requiring the lower limit device in the warehouse body, and satisfying the limit The bit device does not affect weigh. Another installation method is a stroke, which does not cause shake, but the entire border is easy to run, which requires the sensor to be fixed on the bracket when the installation is required, and on both sides of the feeding bin Install the limit block to prevent the running of the entire border.
At the installation of the arching of the arch, pay attention to the position of the inspection door, and ensure that the overhaul door can be opened, and the maintenance platform is installed under the maintenance door.
2. Mounting of biaxial differential mass strip
Since the support frame body of the biaxial differential mass strip is a group welding body,There is a certain deformation in the process of equipment transportation. When the stent deformation, the direct mounting can cause the mass strip main shaft and the gearbox output shaft, and the noise generated by the roller chain joint when the equipment is operated. It will cause coupling gears and chain wear, so that the support must be adjusted to the mass strip output shaft when installing.
The relative position of the two spindles in the mass mounting also requires that it can be installed according to the flag of the shaft end during installation, and the relative position installation can be selected. Please refer to the instruction manual.

3. Installation of the extruder
Extruder host is the weight of the system over the system, and due to the factors of the main motor The bearing capacity of the foundation has a high requirements. The extruder cannot be placed directly on the foundation when installing, and the groove steel (the groove type model is determined according to the extruder level), according to the size of the extruder, under the base base, and securely secured with the foundation of the expansion screw and foundation . When making a base frame, the plane of the entire frame must be guaranteed, especially paying attention to the same side of the host holder and the motor space, which is especially important for the extrusion model of the transmission of the elastic coupling directly coupled to the drive.
For an extrusion machine that uses an elastic coupling straightforcement transmission, the coaxial degree between the main motor output shaft and the gearbox input shaft must be ensured. For the extrusion machine of the belt wheel drive, it must ensure that the active wheel and the driven wheel are as the same, while the triangular belt is also required, too loose is easy to slip, too tightening, the tension of the axis is too large, lowered The life of the triangle is used to adjust the tension bolts on the motor space, so that the tension of the triangle is in a suitable state, that is, the midpoint of the belt side with 27 kg, and makes its flexural offset At 21mm, it is appropriate.
4. Installation of the pipeline frame
The selection of the pipeline mounting position is dependent on the site, but it cannot be too far from the host. It will cause the material to connect when the pipe is connected to the main unit. Aspect is the lag of the control system. In the case where the on-site installation position is allowed, the optimal position of the pipeline is behind the main unit and the stront, parallel with the host, from the spacing of about 1 meter away from the host, and guarantees the pipeline frame The position of the regulator steam line interface is on the side of the stront.
In order to facilitate the cleaning of the ground and the flow of the wastewater, the pipe should be 10 cm. In the installation of each valve of the pipeline, the position of the valve wheel should meet the needs of convenient operation.
5. Installation of the control box
In order to facilitate operation, the installation position of the field control box should be selected in the vicinity of the bypass, and there must be a certain space between the bypass and the control box to temporarily put it from the side. Tonglong waste. The distance between the cutting motor and the field cutter rotary positioner cannot be too far, it is the use of voltage control, such as the distance is too farIt will cause voltage fluctuations to affect the cutting effect.
The circulating temperature display instrument on the field control box is real-time, the temperature of each end of the puffed chamber is real-time, and the temperature of the temperature thereof has a certain requirement, and the instrument is corresponding to the “0”” temperature to the “”4″” temperature. Expanded cavity

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