Way of processing grass

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Grass block processing can be divided into three types of field blocks, fixed pressing blocks, and drying blocks.
(1) The field block is made from the walking hay pick-up – cutting – the block machine is completed, pick up directly, short hay and press it into a straw.The grass mass is usually 30 mm ¡Á 30 mm ¡Á (50 ~ 100) millimeters, the density is about 700 to 850 kg / m 3.The field blocks require a water content between 10% to 12%.
(2) Machinery used in fixed blocks is a fixed block machine, and the hay is pressed into a straw after the drying plant is shorter.The grass mass is usually 32 mm ¡Á 32 mm ¡Á (37 ~ 50) millimeters, the density is 600 to 1 000 kg / m 3.
(3) The drying block is completed by a mobile drying barrier.By transporting fresh grass, fresh grass is cut into straws, 20 to 50 mm long, placed quickly, so that the water content of the pasture is reduced from 75% to 80% to 12% ~ 15%,Squeeze into the block press presses the grass.Drying block cost is high, less application.In the process of pressing the grass block, additives such as urea, minerals and trace eleme can be added as needed.

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