Wet expander production of aquatic feed

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1 Prnt of do tic and foreign aquatic feed
Aquatic products are one of the most important agricultural products, with a total of 7.5% of the world’s total food from the ocean, lakes and rivers, and the animal proteins taken by people in developing countries mainly come from Water products, due to the growing shrinkage of wild water products, people will be more and more dependent on the aquaculture industry. The aquaculture industry is growing at a rate of about 10% per year, but the production of aquatic feed production is limited by all aspects of the original production process conditions and equipment, most of the aquatic feed of the aquatic product is hard-grained feed, and the puffed particulate feed is only a small. Some, developing the puffed feed trend in my country is bound to be.
2 Wetly Expanded Machine Advantage in Aquatic Feed Production
2. The current aquatic feed processing company is facing special challenges
On the one hand, it is necessary to provide special feed they need to give aquaculture household. Aquatic feed in terms of production is competitive in quality and prices. The above demand can be solved by wet puffing processing, which can make the feed production increase in the production of feed products to achieve considerable economic benefits from the use of puffed feed breeding.
2.2 Aquatic feed using puffed equipment has the following superiority
can produce a wide variety of products; improve feed conversion; improve the stability of feed in water; easy to control feed density; finished feed machine Good performance; you can use the minimum cost formulation to reduce feed production costs; feed is more sanitary.
2.2.1 A wide range of products can be produced for aquatic feed, such as shrimp, crab, squid, squid, squid, frog, etc., you can also produce all fat soybeans, cat dog feed, pet feed , Ornamental animal feed and other feeding.
2.2.2 Improvement of feed conversion material due to the processing of high temperature instantaneous (HTST), enhances the gelation of starch in the feed, can reach 80-99%, more beneficial to animals, especially aqueous animals (because of aquatic Animal intestines short and finely subjected to digestion of feed.
2.2.3 Improve the stability stability of feed in water is an important indicator of aquatic feed, especially for slow food animals, such as shrimp, crab, etc. Because the stability in the water is not good, the aquatic animals have been eaten in the future. Feed is broken down in water, which is wasteful to feed, and pollute water quality, which is not conducive to environmental protection and the sustainable development of the aquaculture industry, and the stability of puffed feed in water Decide; 12 hours, up to 24 hours, this is enough to wait for animals to feed, while the stability of the shrimp feed is over 4 hours.
2.2.4 Easy to control feed density control can produce floating feed, sinking feed and slow feed (difficult to control in slow dosing processing), which is more advantageous for different water-layer animals to feed need. With floating feed, it can observe the fish’s feeding situation, which can adjust the feed to save the feed.
2.2.5 The mechanical properties of the puffed feed are good, it is not easy to break because the finished feed will have dust before use, which will produce dust, which not only increases the waste of feed, but also pollution water quality and air.
2.2.6 Feed Hygiene Materials After the processing of high temperature instantaneous (HTST), it is equivalent to the Papan sterilization process, all of the harmful bacteria in the feed, thereby reducing the effect of feed on aquatic animal disease and harmful bacteriaPollution of water quality.
In recent years, the wet switched varistor developed for the aquatic feed has gradually developed into a feed that can produce various specifications. Due to the different design formulations, they can be produced on the same equipment, and only the changes are required.Wet puffed equipment has become a tool for producing aquatic feed competition due to the use of computer technology, and the wet formula control will become more and more easily, this will be largely left near wet-wetApplication of machine in aquatic feed production.

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