What are the advantages of modern straw feed pellet machine

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The successful development of straw particle feeders, brought a quality leap to the feed industry and animal husbandry, changing the traditional feed mode and traditional feeding method, what is the advantage of the new straw feed pellet machine, why So popular, the following small series introduces the following

Straw feed pellet machine mainly used to crush the crop straw after crushing and processed into a granule to meet the user’s feeding of poultry. Straw feed pellet machine is a new type of feed processing technology. In the past, the straw feed is generally prepared into the feed into the feed, and there is a defect such as inconvenient, fault, poor premium, and low utilization rate. With the advent of new small particle machinery, it is now convenient to process powder feed into pellet feed. This small particle feed process mechanical can be used as a dynamic power, and the powder feed is passed through high temperature paste, and the granulation is discharged from the mold hole under the pressing of the pressure roller, and the size of the particle size can be easily adjusted. Suitable for rural farmers and small professional feed mills.

¡ñ Stainless steel housing, durable

¡ñ Can be equipped Extended or multi-layer massagers

¡ñ Fed-fed stepless speed regulation, convenient feeding

The advantages of straw feed to granule feed is as follows:

(1 The particle formation process can make the cereal, the pancreatic disorder in the beans, reducing the adverse effect on digestion, can kill a variety of parasitic eggs and other pathogenic microorganisms; reduce various parasites and digestive system diseases.

(2) Easy to feed, high utilization, easy to control feeding, save feed, clean and hygiene. Especially fish, due to the dissolution of the particle feed in the water, it will not be submerged by the sediment, which can reduce waste.

(3) During the production process, the temperature can reach 80 to 10 ¡ã C, which can cause a certain degree of maturity effect in the feed in the feed to produce a rich flavor, and the feed is hard. In line with pigs, bovine, and sheep, the biological characteristics of the sheep, improve the right to feed, easy to eat.

The straw feed pellet machine brings quality leap to the feed industry. Particle feed must be replaced by traditional feed due to its various advantages, and sales scale will gradually expand.

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