What are the feed trixioning technology?

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I. Physical Method 1, screening method uses mechanical or artificial method to screen for feed, remove mildew feed; then unmnous feed is further dried to achieve the purpose of mild mildew. 2, rinsing method for corn, soybeans, etc. 3, heat treatment method for cake raw materials, roasted at 150 degrees at temperatures for 30 minutes or microwave heating 8 to 9 minutes, can make 48% to 61% of Huangquisin B1 and 32% to 40% of Huangraftin G1 is destroyed. Second, chemical method 1, ammonia treatment to seal mold fu in a fumigation tank or a plastic film bag, so that it has a water content of 15%, which can be fumigation for 10 hours. The toxic method of soy flour is to add 2% of urea in soybean powder as urea, 10 hours, which can damage more than 70% of Huangquisin B1. 2, clay or The main component of the zeolite treatment of clay and zeolites is a silicate salt. The silicone salt can be selected to bind to the blend of xulaxin B1, in an aqueous solution, which is more than 80% of the toxin adsorption rate. The common method is to add 0.5% clay or zeolite in the feed, which can promote the growth and development of livestock and poultry and can remove mold toxins. 3, raw lime treatment to add 5% of raw lime in molded pig feed, and its wick is 90% -99%. Third, the biological method utilizes lactic acid bacteria to ferment, under the catalysis of the enzyme, using the yellow bellopyrin B1 transform B2 of toxicity. Treatment of feed in this method, not only reduces the toxicity of mold toxins in the feed, but also increases feed nutrition (bacterial protein). Improve premium. It should be noted that the above treatment method is only suitable for mild molded feed, which must be mixed with other feed after treatment, prohibiting the main feed. For a serious mildew feed, it should be abandoned.

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