What are the mainstream feed pellets?

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With the progressive feed machinery of technology, it is no longer a traditional feeder, and today mainstream feed machine has a ring-molded particulate machine and a flat-mold particle machine, not only can be used as a feed pellet machine. It can be used as a straw fuel machine, processed into straw coal, with straw pulverizer, and more efficient.
Plain series granule machine:
The flat series granulator is generally divided into two press wheels or multiple parallel press granulators in China, mainly suitable for organic fertilizers. If you do fuel particles, although it can be made, it is very worn on the machine, so that the cost is improved, so it is not applicable. In response to this problem, based on the foreign advanced technology, my country has developed a tapered press particles.

The ring mold series of particles:

Everyone should be more familiar with the ring mold series, because many feed companies at home and abroad use ring templancular granulation. Since the raw materials for the feed are fine, such as corn, soybean meal, cotton meal, etc., high adhesiveness, and a vapor stripper before the granulation can

can be soften, mature in advance. Thereby, better granulation, and increase the gloss of the particles. However, the crude fibers such as straw, wood chips are low, and it is difficult to form, and if they are fuel particles, the density needs to be large, so it takes a lot of pressure to reach the density of the particles, this invisible Difficulty. Since renewable energy in recent years has gradually emerged, the ring molding machine for fuel particles in the market is currently evolved by the ring mold machine for feed, so there are still a lot of sickness to improve. .

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