What are the methods for determining a pulverized particle size?

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The micro component used in the feed requires small particle size and the particle size is measured by a microscope or laser particle size distribution.Other feeds generally measure the particle size by screening.At present, the particle size assay and representation of the feed product adopted by my country have three types of screening, four-layer screening, eight-layer screening and fifteen-layer screening.The three-layer screening method is to use ldquo; all through rdquo; one indicator to represent the size of the particles, use ldquo; sieve material must not be greater than the uniformity of the identification material.The method is simple and easy, but it is only relatively extensive, and the feed standard lacks sufficient test basis, which is feasible for mating feed.Other assay methods need to be carried out in the laboratory. REG China Feed Industry Information Network – Based on Feed, Serving Animal Husbandry

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