What are the safety precautions of the feed mill?

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In recent years, with the increase in the production of feed mills, the feed mill tends to pay attention to production, but ignores the important safety precautions; even though the output of some feed mills does not meet the requireme of full load, they still have to be safely put on. Traverse accide occurred frequently. Th accide not only cause great economic losses to the company and are sanctions from law, but also lead to a beautiful family to die. I have pain, I have been engaged in the feed career for more than 20 years. Since 2002, I have experienced more than 20 feed safety major accide, and more than 50 casualties. In June 2015, the warehouse workers were mistaken in the Shandong Linyi Feed Factory, causing suffocation death; in May 2016, visiting the market, and a major safety accident in the feed factory – dust explosion, causing more than 10 serious injuries. The cause of the explosion is preliminarily identified that dust is caused by a fire. serving livestock th painful accide to our feed production and processing industries, the safety of the alarm, and the safety production is over everything. Now I am integrated, summarized, and organizes the many safety hazards that exist in the feed mill. I hope to give all the feed companies to ring the alarm clock, I always keep in mind safe, prevent problems. 2007 Shouguang Shouguang Shouwi Bag Warehouse Sudden Fire Combustion; 2008 Changle Some Feed Factual In Palm Time It causes smoke combustion in the pulverizer; On April 15, 2014, the warehouse of a feed mill in Donghai County, Jiangsu Province suddenly fired, and a large amount of feed in the warehouse was ignited. fires, there are three main: , Hng Combustion (Packaging, Raw Materials, Finished Products, Acetylene, Gas, Dust, etc.); two, aerobic state; three, there is input energy (fire source, circuit short circuit, etc.). Tip: , Isolation, Isolation, Strengthening 6S (finishing, rectifying, cleaning, cleaning, literacy, Safety) Management; do not allow launching in the workshop, bags, the sun does not leave, the scrap, the waste, the paint, waste, dil, alcohol, gasoline is not allowed to put in the workshop. i, Production Areas, Prohibited Fireworks, Regular Inspection Electrical, Line, Cable, Anti-aging, Survere, Damage, Demonstration, Short Circuit, Super Load, Heat Heat; Not allowed in the workshop Dynamic operation, if you need to move fire, do everything is ready, after conducting on-site inspection by the supervisor, in order to implement the fire operation, the surrounding and downstairs should be cleaned in advance. China Feed Industry LetterÍø Èý Èý Èý Èý Èý Èý ϵͳ ϵͳ ϵͳ ϵͳ ϵͳ ϵͳ ϵͳ ϵͳ……… Íø…. Íø.. Íø Íø Íø………………… ËÄ. For example, special raw materials such as fishmeal, melette powder, rice bran, sugar residue, chemical reagent should be properly kept; oxygen acetylene bottles are required to be a pressure vessel, a tempering, and a templer, such as a temple, and place it away from pedestrians, away from the operating area. five to ensure that fire protection facilities are intact. Maintain enough, effective fire extinguishers within the factory, and placed in a clear position, easy to use, can not be blocked, the usage method is posted on the scene, everyone will use (regular drill), failure fire extinguisher cannot be stored in the scene, avoid Cause confusion. The location of the building dormitory and personnel is to leave the escape channel, and the escape channel cannot be blocked. If the lock is locked, it is necessary to leave a lock. Serving Animal Mu Dust Explosion Service Livestock Dust Explosion is in a relatively sealed environment, the fuel liquid dust or flammable liquid of the flammable liquid is dispersed In air or other combustion gases, when its concentration reaches an explosion limit, an explosive phenomenon that is ignorant of ignition energy is accepted. It can lead to huge damage, such as a feeder in Feixheng, 2002, 2003 Welding e exploded, Shouguang’s feed factory is exploded, and a finished product warehouse of a feed mill in Texas has exploded. A dust explosion occurred in a ferruw plant. According to statistics, dust explosion accou for 48% of the feed mill accident. there are three essential conditions for service livestock and animal dust explosions: is a combustion agent (dust); – 2 is oxygen condition; service livestock three is an input energy. Vestible Dust Concentration is 10-200 Mu; M; Dust Explosion Concentration Limits: lower limit 20-60 g / m3; upper limit 2-6kg / m3. The higher the relative concentration, the greater the explosion. is easy to cause dust explosion, mainly silo, silo, dispenser, slip, hoist, crusher, dust removal equipment, workshop, crushing machine room, etc. : Control Dust Concentration, Eliminate the production of dust, to enhance the equipment to prevent dust; , Configuring Suitable Suble Dust Removal Device; timely cleaning, cleaning, eliminating and preventing dust accumulation; China Feed Industry LetterInterest network three, the fire area is strictly forbidden, for example: strict implementation of the fireworks system in the factory; prohibiting regional need for open fire operation according to the safety production management system, and take the necessary protective measures; , Workshop Cleanup Work Section must be configured to configure enough magnetic selection equipment, regular cleaning inspection, preventing metal foods from falling into high-speed operations to generate sparks; – five, often check the tightness of the connector, prevent the connectors from falling off, the transmission is ran, resulting in friction feeding to generate spark; six, workshop, labelling lighting i, for easy to produce static electric equipment should a t protective grounding, eliminate static electricity; eight, dust environment is resolutely paying attention to the environment, Set ventilation, explosion-proof port, etc. Caison On July 25, 2011, Yunnan Guangde Feed Co., Ltd. has passed a dramatic sound. A steam boiler that is debugging in the factory suddenly occurs ldquo; explosive rdquo; The feed mill will often use the boiler, and it is necessary to use the safe use of the boiler, especially if there is unlicensed operation. : , Water Quality Test Each class Hard water or unqualified furnace; two, boiler work hold certificate, loyalty, not allowed to stay, not allowed to sleep; , Service livestock three, attachme are always effective (especially the safety valve, we must discharge once every week, including the safety valves in the pipe network system), there is a problem to check and repair immediately, do not rule out the problem is not allowed to boot; , according to the provisions, one internal examination must be carried out every two years, it is not allowed to relax the inspection standards for the pot test; V. V., leakage or other serious problems must be reported to the company’s competent report and overhaul; six, the boiler to stop should carry out protective treatment (there are two kinds of dry protection and wet protection ), Eliminate oxidation, strictly implement the water quality management system, to take the necessary maintenance measures, timely, to prevent the corrosion of the furnace to cause accide; seven, Prevent overheating: pay attention to the correct use of water level and water level, often check whether the boiler water quality meets the requireme, pay attention to the boiler, descaling, prevent boiler water shortage (the boiler is lacking, and then the boiler is kept after cooling). The fouling caused the boiler overheating accident; eight, early discovery Circuit Accident Service Animal Feed Factory should also pay attention to the correct use of electrical appliances, including inevitable private mitigation electrical appliances; non-certification Electrician is not allowed to enter the high and low pressure chamber, and unrelated personnel are not allowed to enter the central control room (main control room, the transformer is paved with insulating board), and it is not allowed to watch the maintenance of electrical lines (extremely dangerous); it is not allowed to use unqualified electrical Material (electrical material is fixed-point purchase), the aging of the electric wire should be replaced in time; the cost-effective special fire extinguisher, the central control room, the high and low pressure chamber is not allowed to debris; the electrical equipment needs to be powered off every three months; check the cable in the operation Whether there is overheated phenomenon, timely discovery problem; check the terminals of large motors for every three months, maintain good contact; often used electric tools (such as manual sewing machines, etc.), to ensure good grounding. Tip: , Electrical Line Installation must be in accordance with the electrical industry norm, supporting setup, – based Feed, 2, electrical equipment to do a good ventilation device; service livestock three, often inspected, prevent electrical and cable aging, loose, damage, moisture, short circuit; Serving Livestock Four, often clearing the deposition dust on the electrical equipment; Serving Animal 50 Industry information network six, strictly forbidden to operate, such as frequent boot, load load start, fuel more, etc. Service Animal Husband, Power Chamber, Control Room, Cabinet is strictly prohibited, chaotic goods; Serving Animal Huski, Correctly Use Sensor Protection Devices. Casual Casual Accident the cause of 100% personal safety accide in animal husbandry and feed mills is illegal operation. In May 2006, I personally dealmed a violation of the accident, and I still remember that I was still fresh (unforgettable), and the lessons were painful.In 2008, the corn delivery truck in Shandong Plain was in reverse the dead loading and unloading personnel; in 2014, there was a feeder in the head of a feeder in a feed factory in 2014. So the biggest safety hazard in the feeder is currently laid directly to the employees who have not trained. There is no training good employee, not understanding the production site, personal safety awareness is not strong, and it will not be handled in an abnormal situation. They are important for security hidden dangers. Therefore, it is hoped that the company attaches importance to the three-level safety education, post-off employees, and the safety training of the employees, so that they really understand and master the safety operation procedures on their positions, and to understand the positions you have happened. Safety accide, learn to find on-site safety hazards during their work, and rectify, to take the necessary prevention measures for prone safety accide, which will effectively prevent or avoid safety accide. Service Animal Mutan Prevention Measures: , Maintenance, Cleanup Equipment Must be listed; Second, special operators must hold certification, obey the operating procedures; , I will give employees to the employee, participate in the necessary accident insurance; – Bit Feed Serving livestock and four, production site, cafeteria, dormitory, etc. must be hygienic and disinfected; (cantend people have also happened to the disabled incident;) , Guaranteed Diet health, prevent food poisoning; six, there must be warnings, protective bars, etc. The warehouse must set the fence to prevent people from falling; 8, high-speed operation equipment must be placed; i, Regular For security facilities inspection and maintenance; service livestock ten, workshop hanging system (lifter, electric hoist) should operate according to safety operation procedures, special equipment boiler pressure vessel according to the safety operation of national special equipment Execution; Serving Animum Eleven, for high temperature pipelines, equipment must insulate anti-hot (including heating equipment); 12, factory Keep the logistics, limited to 5 km / h / hour, prevent traffic accide, door posts to strengthen access vehicles, personnel management; thirteen, ensure lightning protection, fire protection facilities; 14. Safety facilities such as safety valves must be regularly tested and trial in accordance with national regulations. Special Equipment – Safety Use of Feeds, Machinery Equipment Should Be Note: Each equipment shroud is intact; operators are far from moving parts (regardless of equipment Whether it is running); the red card indication is hanging when the local service is closed, and the listing is not allowed to pass; the operator must be trained by three training (training records), especially the production supervisor, should personally carry out one-on-one training; engage in this post New employees who have less than three months must have special guidance; because of the use of forklift operation, if some customers enter the warehouse, the storage and loading and unloaders should be stopped in the first time (especially those who are strictly prohibited); the production supervisor should strengthen the employee’s equipment Structural training, preferably on-site anatomy. Service Animal Pastoral Measures: , Living System Security and Maintenance; Strengthen oxygen, acetylene, liquefied gas and other easy-to-combustion management; three, strictly implementing motor vehicle safety management system such as forklift; Fourth, regularly test the pressure vessel, experimental management; five, often check the working situation of the compressor, prevent the disclosure of the amino compressor; – Based Feed, pay attention to specialty chemicals and configurable oils, prevent violations and spontaneous combustion; i, in accordance with national electricity safety management standards, please change, The power distribution system conducts normal inspection and maintenance; eight, regularly check the lightning, fire protection facilities to ensure that it is normal. , Quality Accident Service Animal Husband With the improvement of living standards, people’s attention to health is getting higher and higher, the safety of food Health is getting more and more attention. National LDQUO; Food Safety Law RDQUO; Implementation I think as long as the feed production enterprise strictly enforces the national issued laws and regulations, feed safety will be strong! : , feed raw materials, finished products, labeling items (2007 12Month Shandong Qingzhou, a feed factory, e corn, the water, the water is too high, the water, wine inventory, two, mixer, warehouse, slipper wall, lift machine and base Equipment such as land pit, silo, crusher, cooler, dust collector, permanent header should be cleaned regularly; Service Animal Husband, often check the mixer, ingredient scale, ingredient Whether the key equipment such as the warehouse is leaking; four, weighing equipment, ingredient equipment, mixed uniformity regular inspection, test; five , Strengthen the regulation of temperature, moisture, pulverization particle size, and steam pressure during production process; six, pay attention to small materials preparation, delivery, and return material; seven, on-site management is implemented in place; eight, oil added to ensure oil fat, regular cleaning, adding oil added Quality should be monitored in time; Service Animal Huski, Effectively Use Finishment Inspection Sieve; 10, pay attention to specification, screen, hammer Waiting for spare parts; 11, clarify job responsibilities, strengthening skill training, so that the safety operation procedure is in place. Serving Animal Hums and Lifting Falls Guaranteed The Lifting Machine is intact and is in turn off, it is not allowed to take the lift; the elevator and electric hoist must work Obvious warning sign; regular (each month) check the electric hoist of the elevator; make the maximum improvement weight warning sign, not allowed to overload! serving livestock regularly (monthly) to check the drainage, falling water system, timelyly guidance, especially the rainy day security, the high-frequency patrol of the warehouse, and the rainfall is concerned about whether the basement is leaking. Collapse s in accordance with standard code raw materials and finished products (including forklift pallets), not allowed to be skew, once found, immediately push down Stack code; non-post operating staff and managers are not allowed to enter the warehouse and workshop, the security guards and the loading and unloaders should prevent foreign people from entering; introducing advanced company management experience, determine the wage coefficient of assembly in the quality of the code, keeping and unloading Working level. Service Animal Husband has repeatedly occurring the raw material, the finished stuff collapseEmployees or lethal eve; tiles collapse incide. This Safety Prevention is a company must strictly abide by the company, in addition to this, there is no financial management of personal safety, many companies are not financially Responsible, accou unclear or misappropriated public funds, receivable long-term arrears, quality accident treatment is not timely leading to the disputes, compensation, etc., and also become the safety precautions for the company. In the current competitive market environment, 2016 and the future, the competition of feed companies is the era of integrated cost competition. A small safety accident will increase your cost. A major accident may lead to a business close up. Bankruptcy. Therefore, I hope that by understanding th danger poi, it can cause the industry to pay attention to the safety, always hang in the mouth, always talk, every day, no safety, everything is empty. Enterprise benefits are the most important, fire safety first. , Ning, No matter what you do, you can’t prevent disasters in a day. serving the animal husbandry foundation from the great eyes, and the anti-hidden patie will start from the small. is the guarantee of happiness, accident is the rage of life tragedy. safety and benefits, accide and losses occur. is the lifeline of the employee, and the employee is the responsible person.

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