What changes have occurred during the puffing process?

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First, definition and principle service livestock definition: a food processing method. Put the processed food in a closed container, suddenly decompress after heating, the moisture in the food is expanded, making many small holes in the food, becoming crisp, beco a puffed food. It features a high temperature (130-180 ¡ã C), short (15-30 s). : When the food is placed in the expander, with the warming, pressurized, the moisture in grain is in an overheating state, and the grain itself beco soft. When the expander cover is released to reach a certain high pressure, the high pressure speeds into normal pressure. At this time, the moisture in the overheating state in the granules suddenly vaporized in an instant, and the water molecule can expand about 2,000 ti . The huge expansion pressure not only destroys the outer form of grain, but also the inner molecular structure in which the grain granules is broken, and the insoluble long-chain starch is shortened by water-soluble short-chain starch, dextrin and sugar. the insoluble matter in the puffed food is reduced, and the water-soluble substance is increased. i, Equipment Service Animal Husband can be divided into: single screw extruder (frictionally welded by material with the barrel wall) , Twin screw extruder (two screws). can be divided into: dry expansion machine (one step influence), mixed, preheating, pre-preheating treatment first, preheating, pre-preheating treatment) , Factors Affecting Puffed Effects : Type, Water, Physical Status, Chemical Composition (Starch, Protein, Fat, Sugar) Type), pH. Livestock Duffed Machine Type and Physical Parameters: Screw Quantity, Geometric Size and Speed, Cylinder Inner diameter and Length, Compression Ratio, Spiral Rounding. Serving Animal Science: Time, Pressure, Temperature, Diameter Diameter, Shear. i, Puff Treatment For the Pros and Disadvantages of Feeds and Principles : Appropriate Puffing can reduce anti-nutrition factor and improve feed protein, grease, Carbohydrate, fiber digestive utilization. Serving Animalum: Over Puffling Loss of Nutrie (Amino Acid, Vitamin, etc.). Principles: Maintaining Reduced Anticultural Factor, Improve Nutrient Digestibility, Reduces the balance between three nutrient loss. V. Physical and chemical characteristics of primary nutrie in the puffing process 1, protein moderation can make protein spatial folding structural destruction, indigestion rate Improve, anti-nutrition factor deactivation (trypsin inhibitor, hemagglutinin, tannin, phytic acid, etc.), high temperature, high proportion of protein raw materials, high screw speed can improve material protein digestibility. Excessive expansion will lead to Merad reaction. 2, Amino Acid Partial Loss, Participate in Merad Reaction Or formation of acrylamide. The high screw speed at the time of puffing, the high gas rate can increase the material of the material, the high ring diameter, and the high moisture can reduce the material lysine residence. Meirad Reaction (Mailrard Reaction): Carbonyl compound (reducing sugar) + amino compound (amino acid and protein) rarr; brown (black) black essence (proposed black) . Participate in Reaction Raise Sugar: Five Carbon Sugar Change Speed gt; gt; Six Carbon (about 10 ti ), Ribose gt; Arabose gt; xylose, galactose gt; Mannose gt; Glucose. is involved in reaction amino acids: lysine, arginine, tryptophan, cysteine, histidine, and lysine reactive activity. service livestock temperature: 20 ~ 25 ¡ã C can be reacted. Generally, each phase difference is 10 ¡ã C, the reaction rate is 3 to 5 ti . The speed of 30 ¡ã C is accelerated, higher than 80 ¡ã C, the reaction rate is small under temperature and oxygen. Service Animal Husband: 10% ~ 15%, the reaction is easy to occur, completely dry food is difficult to occur. Service Animal Husband PH: 3, the reaction accelerates with the pH value. Acrylamide: Carcinogen, Solved in the potatoes, biscuits, bread, and other foods produced more than 120 ¡ã C. Participate in Rethogenic Acid: Asparamide gt; gt; Cysteine, Glutamine, Arginine, Pyrephino. Participate in Reaction Raising Sugar: Glucose and oligosaccharides. Inhibition of Amino Acid: Glycine, lysine. Serving Livestock 3, Carbohydrate – Starch Dead, Digestibility Improvement; Uns Duminable Fibers Configuration into Soluble Fibers or Simple Sugar : Partial Loss, Single Sugar can be used in a variety of reactions to other substances during puffing, so it is necessary to control the level of swiggue in the puffed raw material. Hydrogant: Cotton Sugar, Sugar Sugar Levels Decreased. Starch: Gas, Branched Starch is more likely to be degraded, and the amylose is combined with glycerides in diet, and the free fatty acid forms a linear starch-fat complex. Fiber: Light, Moderate Fiber has no effect on raw material fibers, but high conditions can increase raw material soluble fiber level. Serving Livestock 4, Fat – Decentralization Rate Reduction, Opening Date; Fat Cell Crack, Oil Digestibility Improvement Serving Animalum Lienolactomy: Lipase, fatty oxygenase, peroxidase. Natural Antioxidant Substance: Vitamin E and Its Analogs. and carbohydrate formation complex: binding ratio 1 ratio 10 (the total fat content is measured by acid hydrolysis, rather than using a general diethyl ether). serving livestock higher storage, transportation requireme: cell rupture, free fatty acid reveals. Serving Livestock 5, Vitamin – Loss Rate is 15-100%, can use high temperature resistant raw materials or expansion to supplement soluble vitamins : Vitamin D, K is hot, oxygen (puffed) stability is better than A, E. B1: High Temperature, High Screw Rotary, High PH Decreases Material B1 Residence, High Temperature, and High Feeling Speed Improves Material B1 Residence. B2: High Temperature, High Water Division has no effect on B2 stability, and the high screw speed reduces material B2 residence. 6, Mineral – Improves the utilization of phosphorus phosphorus, but there is no benefit to other mineral eleme. 7, Moisture – Reduce


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