What is a thermal spray technology?

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1. Define thermal spray is to load material (straw, cake and chicken manure, etc.) into the feed hot spraying machine, pass heat saturated vapor to the machine, after a certain period of time, the material is treated with high pressure, then the material Suddenly backed down, forcing the material to spray the atmosphere from the machine, thereby changing its structure and certain chemical compone, and disinfecting, deodorizing, making the material a pressure and thermal processing process of more valuable feed. Therefore, the feed thermal spraying technique is done by a special thermal spray device and its unique process flow. At prnt, do tic feed hot spraying machine is invented by the Inner Mongolia Animal Husbandry Science, which is actually a batch airflow expander. 2. Working principle material When the thermal spray is treated, the thermal effect of the vapor is used to melt the lignin, the cellulose molecules, degradation, degradation, and generate internal friction force, so that cellulose cells are generated due to high pressure Torn, cell wall loose, thereby changing the overall structure of crude fibers and chemical chain molecular structures. Because the material is subjected to 1 to 15 minutes in the high pressure tank, the pressure is 0.39 to 1.18 MPa, the temperature is 145 ~ 190 ¡ã C, and the water content is 25% ~ 40%, so that the material fiber cytocoxin is dissolved. The hydrogen chain is broken, the fiber crystallinity is lowered. When suddenly spraying, the lignin will melt, while the decomposition reaction of several polymer substances occurs, and then through the macrodynamic effect of the sputum, stress is concentrated on the fragile structural area of the molten lignin, resulting in loose, cell free, material The particles will suddenly become small, while the total area increases, thereby achieving the effect of soft and flavor aroma, and increases the food and digestion rate of livestock on straw feed. 3. The construction and process flow of the thermal spray device heat spraying device: the raw material is chopped by the martial mower, loaded into the storage tank, and is loaded into the underground pressure tank by the feed funnel. After sealed, the low middle pressure vapor (vapor is supplied by the boiler) after sealed, and is maintained for a period of time (1 to 30 minutes, no equality), and control the discharge valve for reduced pressure. Spray, straw through the drain es. Sprayed straw can be fed or pressed directly. The productivity of the thermal spray straw is 300 ~ 400 kg per hour, the coal is 50 kg / h, and the thermal spray 1 ton of corn straw is about 20 yuan. [NextPage] 4. The effect of thermal spray has changed due to changes in the physical properties of straw due to the thermal spray, and its whole plant increased from 50% to more than 90%, and the digestibility increased by more than 50%. The thermal spraying device can also decorate the raped cake, cottonseed cake, deodorant, sterilized to the feces, so that it is normal protein feed. Studies have shown that thermal spray process conditions mainly include 3 eleme. That is, the pressure, holding time, and discharge pressure. Therefore, the effect of its thermal spray is to select the appropriate above three indicators and their mating applications. Explore, medium pressure zone (1.57 ~ 3.33 MP), short time (1 ~ 5 minutes) to handle all kinds of straw (outside sunflower blur) have a large increase.However, in the production of production, due to factors such as equipment safety, price and management, the low pressure (less than 1.57 MP) and long (3 ~ 10 minutes) treatment process are used, and its digestibility is improved. The amplitude is smaller than the medium voltage region (about 60% to 80% of the medium effect), but is suitable for the current actual situation in my country.

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