What is “chelating”” technology”

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The word Cheosite is from the Greek vocabulary Chele, meaning the crab claw. The chelate is like a crab clamp, which has high stability. In 1930, in Germany, the first chelate -edTA (ethylenediamine tetracetate) chelate was first synthesized for the treatment of heavy metal poisoning patie. After the chelate, the chelate was developed, developed and applied to treatment. Arterial hardening disease, etc. After the amino acid chelate appeared in the 1970s, it has been widely used due to its good bioavailability. In 1987, the US Food Management Association (AAFCO) defined amino acid chelate to form a covalent chelated structure from the ratio of metal ions dissociated from solvated salts and amino acids in accordance with 1 mole of metal and 1 to 3 moles of amino acid. product. The average molecular weight of the hydrolyzed amino acid must be controlled around 150, and the molecular weight of the entire product does not exceed 800. One side of an amino acid molecule contains an amino or nitrogen group, containing an organic acid root or a carboxyl group on the other side. When the medium is alkaline, there is no H + interference, the carboxyl group and the amino group on both sides can be coupled to metal atoms at different locations. A chelate is formed together. Amino acid chelate has a relatively high stable constant 107-12. The citrate and ascorbate form a very weak chelating bond 102-4, EDTA (ethylenediamine tetracetate) and its derivatives and metal to form a strong chelate, with high stable constant 1016-28. . Citric acid and ascorbic acid decompose before being absorbed by the biological tissue, forming a regular priced metal ion, is difficult to absorb. The chelate formed by EDTA and its derivatives is very stable, regardless of pla or animals (including humans), they will not decompose through their physiological systems, so it often removes EDTA as cleaning agent from physiological systems Metal ions. The amino acid chelate metal has sufficient stability in the organism, and the chelating structure can be damaged in the organism, and the metal minerals and amino acids are absorbed by physiological tissues in different places. There are many small intestinal velvet cells as amino acids in the human body. When the amino acid enters the human intestine, the small intestinal velvet cells actively absorb amino acids and transport the individual physiological organizations of the body for absorption. The amino acid chelate follows the same active transportation mechanism as amino acid in the human body, and is actively absorbed by the human body. The amino acid chelating minerals are easily absorbed by the human body due to its lower molecular weight and the true covalent chemical structure. The absorption and utilization of amino acid chelate is 60-80% higher than the general calcium salt, 60% higher than the calcium in milk. The bioavailability of amino acid chelate is 200-300% higher than the zinc salt, 200% higher than the methylpyridine. Amino acid chelating is 250% higher than inorganic magnesium, and at the same time, it is found that the amino acid chelation chromium, copper, iron and mangan can effectively improve bioavailability. Amino acid chelate is 3.8 ti higher than the bioavailability of iron sulfate, 3.6 ti higher than iron oxide. The bioavailability of amino acid chelating copper exceeds 3 ti the copper oxide, almost 4 ti the copper sulfate and 6 ti the carbonate.

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