What is microcapsule (granulation) technology

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MicroEncapsulation is a technique of wrapped in a polymer film in a microcontrol, a micro-packing technique for storing solids, liquids, gases. Specifically, it is to be completely covered with a variety of natural or synthetic polymer compounds in a variety of natural or synthetic polymer compounds, while the original chemical properties of the object is non-destructive. Then, the function of the target is gradually prnted to the outside by certain external stimulus or sustained release effect, or the shielding of the capsule wall acts as a protective core material, the diameter of the microcapsules is generally 1 to 500 ¦Ìm, wall The thickness of 0.5 to 150 ¦Ìm, has developed ultrafine capsules hng a particle diameter of 1 ¦Ìm or less. Microcapsules are expanded to 0.25 to 1000 ¦Ìm in some examples. When the microcapsule particle diameter is less than 5 ¦Ìm, the brown motion is not easy to collect; when the particle size is greater than 300 ¦Ìm, the surface friction coefficie suddenly fall and lose microcapsules. Generally, the film thickness is 1-30 ¦Ìm. Most of the cosmetics is 32 ¦Ìm and 180 ¦Ìm. Ultra-thin wall microcapsule film wall thickness is 0.01 ¦Ìm. Microcapsules can improve the stability of the product and prevent mutual interference between various compone. Micro-capsule granulation technology is to embed solid, liquid, gas substance, and seal in a micro-capsule, which is a technique of solid particulate products. Microcapsules may ebit a variety of shapes such as spherical, renal, granular, grain, flocculated, and block. Inorganic materials and organic materials can be used as walls of microcapsules, but most commonly used are high molecular organic materials, including two types of natural and synthetic. Microcapsules can change the prnce, quality and volume of the material; the interaction between the isolation of materials, protect the sensitive material; mask the bad flavor, reduce volatility; control release; reduce the toxicity of the additive.

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