What is straw crimping feed processing?

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Abstract: Straw block feed refers to high-density bulk feeds that straw straw mechanically eliminate or rubbed, mix the necessary nutrie, high-temperature, high-pressure rolling. Straw block feed refers to high-density block feeds that straw mechanically eliminate or rub the straw, mixed nutrie, high-temperature, high-pressure rolling. Process: 1 straw collection and treatment. The main straw used in the production of blocking feed, the first choice of legume straw, followed by the straw of the grass. It should be ensured that the straw is no mildew. After collecting, cut, chopped or pulverized, so that the humidity of the straw was controlled within 20% (preferably 16% to 18%), chopped length of 30 to 50 cm. Then paste the reactive placement (12 ~ 24 hours), so that the moisture of the raw materials is uniform. Finally, the dust is vibrated. 2 fermentation treatment. The crushing straw can be fermented to the straw after the press (if fermented, the straw reactive link) is saved to improve its nutrient level. 3 Add nutrie. In order to make the pressure block feed after adding water, it can be fed directly, and enough nutrie can be added prior to the pressure block, which makes it a full-price nutrient feed. 4 roll block pressing block. 5 cool, dry it. The stalk feed block extruded from the rolling machine is high, the humidity is large, and the air blower can be quickly cooled to reduce the moisture in the pressure block feed. In order to ensure the quality of the finished product, it is necessary to dry after the cooling, continue to reduce its moisture content for long-term prrvation. 6 bag, in the warehouse. The finished pressing block feed is packaged according to the requireme, stored in a ventilated and dry warehouse, and checks the temperature rise during regular inspection to mild the might change.

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