What is the effect of the outer surface structure of the pressure roll?

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The structure of the outer surface of the pressure roller mainly has a tooth type, a tooth type and a honeycomb type of the edge.The tender-type pressure roller is well-used, in the livestock and poultry feed mill, but since the feed is slid in the tooth, the wear of the roll and the ring mold is not uniform, wear both ends of the pressure roller and the ring mold.Some serious, long-lasting, the two ends of the ring molds have been difficult, and the produced particles are shorter than the intermediate portion of the ring mold.There is a sealed tooth pressure roller for aquatic product, and it is easily slidable when the aquatic product is extruded. Since there is a feeding edge on both sides, the feed is extruded, it is not easy to slide on both sides, and the distribution of the feed isCompared, the wear of the pressure roller and the ring mold is also more uniform, so that the length of the particles produced is also consistent.The advantage of the honeycomb pressure roller is that the annular wear is uniform, and the length of the particles is also consistent, but the content of the coil performance is poor, thereby affecting the yield of the granulator, and is not as common in actual production.Currently, there are new pressure roll surface structures abroad.

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