What is the reason why the granulator spindle shaking?

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Q: What is the cause of granulator spindle shaking? What should I do? (Shandong customers)

A: There are several aspects:

(1 The spindle tail is not tightened or closed;

(2) 350 and the above mandrel spindle spline and split gap are large, 32 and the following spindle tail bond groove and drive shaft, transmission shaft With the safety pin keyway, the clearance is large;

(3) Safety pin and safety pin, the safety pin sleeve and the safety pin hole clearance;

(4) Spindle bearing flower bar deformation Or bearing wear;

(5) The inner hole of the ring mode is too large ¡Ý 0.30;

(6) two pressure roller gap adjustment is uneven, etc .;

solve Method:

First check whether the spindle is tightened, first remove the rear refueling system, remove the spindle block, check whether the butterfly spring is deformed. If the butterfly spring is flattened, the new butterfly spring should be replaced (the number of butterfly springs and the assembly position should be consistent with the no disassembly). Then the locking screw on the main pressure cover is tightened, and the spindle is swayed.

If it is still shaking, then the main pressure cover should be removed, and the spindle is placed with a copper rod, and the spindle is shocked in the direction of the main shaft, then remove the spindle sealing cover, check whether the spindle bearing is intact. If the gap is too large, remove the bearing to replace the new bearing, and then install the spindle lock according to the order. In the process of loading the main shaft, it should be noted that the main shaft bearing inner ring position should be corrected to fit the spindle in place. Under normal circumstances, after assembly in place, the end surface of the spindle is about 10 mm from the end surface of the drive wheel. If you check the spline fit gap, the bond tank is large, the safety pin is blended with the gap, and the inner wall of the ring die is not replaced. After the spindle is installed, the open machine checks the shake. After normal axis, the gap of the pressure roller and the mold should be correctly adjusted. The spacing cannot be adjusted to be small, so it is easy to cause the spindle shake, the discharge is not smooth, the current is unstable. Q: What are the main problems of granulator? (Jiangsu customers) A: If you use a new ring mode, first check the ring mode The compression ratio is too large if the raw material is matched, the ring-compression ratio is too large, the powder is large, the particles are too hard, the output is also low; the cycles compression ratio is too small, the particles are pressed, and the particles are not fixed. The ring-compressed compression is used to check whether the smoothness of the ring-opener ends and the loop mold is wound. The yield is lower, so high quality rings must be used. If the ring mode is used for a while, it is necessary to check if the inner wall cone hole is worn, and the pressure roller isWhether wear, such as wear can repair the ring mode, re-embrace the wear tapered pore, the pressure roller wear must be replaced, and the ring-shaped cone wear has a great impact on production. The ring mode is adjusted correctly, and the general spacing of 0.5mm is preferably 0.5mm. The spacing will so small the pressure roller friction ring, shorten the ring mode life, and the interval Causes the roll slip to reduce the yield. Pay attention to the amount of raw material regulation time and quality, especially the water of the raw material to be controlled, the raw material is generally 13% in the preparation precision, such as the water is high, the raw material is injured after temperament Evergreen (¡Ý16%), there will be a slippage in the mold, which is not easy to discharge. Pay attention to the pulverization fineness of the raw material should match the diameter of the mold hole, and the raw material pulverity of small particles should be more detailed. At the same time, it is also necessary to ensure the quality and temperature of the steam, if the difference in vapor quality (aqueous unsaturated steam) and the temperament temperature are low, it will affect the ripening effect of the powder. To check the distribution of raw materials in the ring mode, can not allow the raw material to run single side, if similar case occurs, the position of the size feeding scraper must be adjusted, so that the raw material is distributed evenly in the ring mold, which is both Extend the life of the ring mode, while the discharge is also more smooth.

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