What should I do if the feed content of feed content?

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In the process of pellet feed processing, the high pulverization rate not only affects the quality of the feed, but also increases the processing cost and affects the storage and transportation of the feed. – Based on feed and , then it is necessary to control the pulverization rate, and the first is the determination of the pulverization rate. General feed mills are measured after the finished packing process is completed or stacked. Although the test results reflect feed powder, it is not possible to reflect the factors of the fluctuation fluctuations in each process link, therefore recommended Effective monitoring is effective for prevention, prevention and control, and it is recommended that manufacturers need to measure feedback rate before feed transportation to the breeding household, which repr the final powder quality. The following is an analysis of each process link
1. Formulation: Due to the differences in the formula of various feeds, the difficulty of processing is different. Generally speaking, feeds with lower crude protein and crude fat content are easier to pelletize and process. On the contrary, crude protein and crude fat content are higher. If it is high, it will make it difficult to form after granulation, the granules will be loose, and the pulverization rate will be high. Considering the quality of feed quality, the formulation is prerequisitable, and it should be considered in consideration of the level of granulation when satisfying the nutrient ratio. To make the comprehensive quality guarantee.
2. Crushing process: The size of the feed crushing particle size directly affects the granulation quality. The smaller the particle, the larger the surface area of ??the material per unit weight, the better the cohesiveness during granulation, and the higher the granulation quality. Otherwise, it will affect the granulation quality. However, if the crushing particle size is too small, the cost of the crushing process will increase and some nutrie will be destroyed. How to choose different crushing particle sizes according to comprehensive quality requireme and cost control is the key to laying a solid foundation for the granulation process.
Suggestion: powder particle size before pelleting of livestock and poultry feed: 16 h or more. Aquatic feed granulation priorction powder particle size: 40 h or more. 3. Granulation process:
¢Ù First of all, conditioning is the key. If conditioning is not sufficient, it will directly affect the quality of granulation; the factors mainly include conditioning time, steam pressure, steam temperature, etc. The main indicators of the results are reflected in conditioning water and conditioning temperature. The precipitation or too high, the temperes temperature is too low or too high, which has a greater impact on the quality of granulation. Especially too much, it will make the feed particulate granulation is not tight, the particulate damage rate and the powder increase, It not only affects the quality of the particles, but is repeated after the screening, the processing cost is increased, and a nutrient loss is lost. Suggestion: the conditioning water should be controlled at15mdash;17%¡£ Temperature: 70 mdash; 90 ¡ã C (inhale steam should be reduced to 220 mdash; 500 kPa, the invasive steam temperature is controlled at 115 mdash; 125 ¡ã C). 2 granulator granulation quality factors include: According to Different Species, Some Proteins, Variety of High Fatness Requireme Thickened ring mold. Service Livestock Operation Pressure Roller and Ring Damage Delination Flow, the regulation of material discharge temperature has different degrees of impact on granulation quality, and the selection of particle size and grain length is also worth considering. . Temperature Recommended Control at 76 Mdash; 92 ¡ã C (Overpage Temperature Evergings In particular, the feed is lacking, the particle hardness is lowered). Serving Livestock 4, Cooling Process: This process is caused by unevenness or cooling time, causing the surface of the feed surface to be irregular, easy to break, thus flour The rate of terms. Service Animal Husband 5, Vibration Section Sieve: if the graded sieve layer is too thick, it is uneven, it is easy to cause the screening. This increases the powder in the finished product. the cooler is extremely easy to cause the graded sieve layer, especially the particle size le; pHI; 2.5 mm. 6, Finished Packing Process: Since the finished product warehouse generally extended from the top of the plant to the bottom layer, the decrease is large, then required The finished packing process should be stored at least the finished product to more than 1/3 of the finished product in the continuous production process, to avoid the increase in the powder from the high place to fall from the height. Especially for materials with higher self-powdering rates. service animal husband However, the general manufacturers are working hard in process operation, try to use process control to avoid increased powder during operation. However, if some varieties are due to nutritional or processing equipment, the feed powder is not resolved, and the feed powder is not resolved, it is required to consider the addition of adhesive assistant granulation to avoid high input of equipment to large-scale transformation. In particular, the aquatic feed can be added due to its nutritional needs, physiological characteristics and feeding characteristics to increase the quality of feed particles and the water holding time.

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