Why is the modulation temperature?

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Why don’t the modulation temperature do not meet? Is it all the reason for granulation operation? service livestock modulation temperature is an important indicator in the granulation process parameter standard; the same and modulation time, Modulation water is called granulation three eleme. The modulation temperature is matched to the material; the hydration of steam and materials; the effect of material modulation has an important impact. Service Animal Husband First, see the adjustment temperature from the granulator baseline moisture angle to how much; China feed industry information Net here to explain, about the control of the temperature of the water-produced material: After the material is injected into the dawn, the water is 20 ~ 25%; the water is 28 ~ 32%. Control of temperature regulation: 90 ~ 96 ¡ã C in water, floating material 98 ~ 104 ¡ã C. So there is a need to directly hydrate V2 (kg / h) in the modulator; other mixed feeds do not directly hydrate but if there is a glucoma, it is necessary to consider V2; – Bit Feed This material may be calculated at 17% by the limit water of the ring mold pulling machine, which may be maintained at 80 ¡ã C, but it is possible not to maximum efficiency; – Service Livestock Serving Livestock Soly Thoughts from Ring Type Plate Machine Extreme Water Significant Thoughts on Conditions of Plasmination is a very mature thinking; The ultimate moisture will affect the granulation; and the temperature difference before and after the modulation ¡ø T is the key to modulation moisture; how to improve this situation: serving the livestock Oslash; %, With large steam modulation space; Serving Livestock Oslash; Equipment Adjustment Realizes Heat Exchange; Modulator Structure Decisive Decisive Effects of Hybrid of Steam and Materials, and Variable Volume should be two small The medium is large; the material in the mass strip is thrown up, sufficiently contacts with steam, improves the conditioning effect; steam enters the tunnel before the tunnel should be low. Common modulation equipment is: uniaxial paddle striped strip, two-way, three-way multilayer mass, steam jacket stripper, biaxial differential stripper, kettle tunmer, high and low speed mix Insulation stripper. is: Multi-Tactor Multi-Tast Steam can make the material and steam mixing more uniform, increase heat exchange efficiency, can improve the modulation temperature Service Livestock Oslash Quality steam to prevent clogging ring mode; steam should be adjusted by low pressure to enter a mass-striped apparatus; vapor should be easily controlled, and the productivity is matched. Appropriate increase in steam pressure, effectively improve material heat transfer efficiency, improve modulation temperature; service livestock and steam system is very Important, you need daily inspections to confirm whether the ovate valve is failed; the hydrophobic valve effect: exclude air and non-gases of the system; exclude condensed water; guarantee the system’s reliability. Valve Failure: Water Haramath of Wear Meal or Various Particle Acid Congers; Service Animal Husband About Steam next Update Preview: Discysorship Rapid Valve, Bucket Tropic Rolling Valve, Floating Solid Valve Work Principle and Performance; serving livestock The effect of steam flash vapor and steam rumors respectively on the modulation effect; and listened back to decomposition.

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