Bucket elevator

Bucket elevator

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Bucket elevator is a kind of chain bucket elevator equipment for continuous vertical lifting of bulk materials. Used in electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials, light industry, food, mining and other industries. Bucket elevator is necessary parts of automatic feed production line

Bucket elevator Features and advantages
Bucket elevator uses high-quality rubber ,fire proofing , wear-resisting
Bucket elevator can prevent dust explosion effectively safety
With the patent technology , it can prevent blocking
The machine barrel uses advanced craft, so it’s high quality and the tightness is good
It’s weight little , wear-resisting and well tightness, less environmental pollution
Low elongation with special material , wear-resisting
Selt-cleaning engin base uses variable circular plate
The engine base, can assemble feed hopper with two driections according to different requires
Stand base tensioning device adopts gravity tensioning or screw tensioy
You can assemble automatic alarm system and speed monitoring system
Wide lifting range, used for high-level transportation of materials such as granular powder
The driving power is small, the inflow feeding, the induced discharging are adopted, and the hopper is densely arranged, and there is almost no imagination of returning and digging when the material is lifted.
Long service life: The feeding of the hoist adopts the inflow type, no need to use a bucket to excavate the material, and there is little extrusion and collision between the materials, reducing mechanical wear and tear.

Bucket elevator main technical specifications

Model Capacity  (T/H) Power  (KW)
TDTG26/18 3-6 2.2
TDTG36/18 6-15 4
TDTG36/23 10-20 5.5
TDTG36/28 15-30 7.5
TDTG40/23 25-35 11
TDTG50/28 30-50 15

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