Grain crushing and mixing machine

Grain crushing and mixing machine

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Grain crushing and mixing machine is mainly composed of feed crusher and feed mixer, base and feeding system, which is crushing feed raw materials to powder, like corn, wheat, soybean and any kinds of grains. Crusher and Mixer is widely used for feed processing of small farms and feed processing equipment for individual livestock farmers (such as pigs, cattle, chickens, ducks, etc.) to develop and become rich. The powder materials is advantages and extending the life of feed pellet machine, like fish feed extruder and chicken feed machine.

Grain crushing and mixing machine is to send the crushed material through the pipeline to the mixer for mixing. There is no dust in the production process, reducing labor, saving time and speed.

Each model is divided into 500 type, 750 type, 1000 type and 2000 type according to the different capacity. Feed processing line includes: feed mixer, feed pulverizer, feed pellet machine, bucket elevator, screw elevator, grading screen, primary cleaning screen, dust removal equipment, etc.

Advantages of Grain crushing and mixing machine

The small compound feed processing equipment designed for small farms and small and medium compound feed factories integrates vertical lifting, mixing bins and horizontal feeding. It has a simple and compact structure, a small one-time investment, economical and practical, and easy maintenance, and does not require a production site. It can be mixed, and can produce premix, concentrate, full-price powder, etc.

Grain crushing and mixing machine technical parameters

Model Crushing Power(kw) Mixing power(kw) Output(kg/h) Volume(m) Size(mm)
LM-500 7.5 3 500 2 2000*1050*2300
LM-650 11 3 650 2 2000*1050*2300
LM-750 7.5 3 750 2 2150*1160*2600
LM-800 7.5 3 800 2 2400*1300*2900
LM-1000 9 3 1000 2 2400*1300*2900
LM-1200 11 4 1200 2 2400*1300*2900
LM-1500 15 4 1500 2 2500*1400*3000
LM-2000 15 4 2000 2 2700*1700*3060

Operational attentions:
1. Start the mixer first, and then pour the material into it. Do not put your hands and sundries in the bucket during work.
2. When turning on the machine, first check whether the rotation direction of the mixer is counterclockwise.
3. After the feed is mixed, when it needs to be discharged, do not turn off the mixer, open the discharge port, and the material will be discharged automatically.

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