Water drop type hammer mill feed grinder

Water drop type hammer mill feed grinder

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Water drop type hammer mill feed grinder – application
This series of hammer mills can crush raw materials of various granular feeds, such as: corn, sorghum, wheat, beans, crushed cakes, which is used for feed production line.

Water drop type hammer mill feed grinder – Features and Advantages
The water drop type hammer feed mill realizes the real water drop type, and the unique air inlet method avoids the circulation phenomenon during the crushing process;
The bottom of the crushing chamber is provided with a “U”-shaped secondary strike groove, which greatly increases the output; the quick-opening and fully-opening operation door and the elastic sieve pressing mechanism are convenient for maintenance and replacement of sieves.
it’s body made by carbon steel thinkness 6-10mm, inside including two metal sieve/screener, hammer can be 30pcs, 48pcs, 60pcs, 90pcs, etc.
The structure is reasonable, durable, safeand reliable, easy to install, easy to operate, small vibration and high efficiency.
Water drop type hammer mill is also one of feed crusher which also including 9FQ crusher, small grinding crusher, grain crushing and mixing machine, etc.

Water drop type hammer mill feed grinder is normally used with feed mixer, fish feed extruder and chicken feed pellet machine to produce the feed pellets for breeding animal in farmings

Water drop type hammer mill feed grinder – raw materials

Hammer mill grinder

Water drop type hammer mill feed grinder technical specifications

Ltem Name LM 32C LM 33C LM 34C LM
Motor Power(KW) 22/30 30/37 55/75 90/110
Production Capacity 1-2t/h 3-5t/h 4-10t/h 5-15t/h
Hammer Quantity 30pcs 48pcs 70 pcs 90 pcs
Screen Quantity Screen 2pcs,high yield,high grinding efficiency
Screen Hole Diameter 1.5,2,4,6,8,10,12mm
Rotor Diameter (mm) 560 5650 600 800
Crushing Chamber Width (mm) 320 400 600 800
Mainshaft Speed ( rpm ) 2970 2970 2970 2970
Hammer of Line Speed(m/s ) 103.8 98 100 105.8
Bearing Number. 2312 2314 2214 2218
Screen Size(mm) 840*270*2 712*395*2 850*618*2 850*795*2
Anti-vibration Pad 4 4 4 6
Carbon Steel Shell Thinkness 6mm 6mm 10mm 10mm
and Weight
Length(mm) 1410 1550 1900 2500
Width(mm) 720 860 900 1100
Height(mm 970 1130 1250 1350
weight 0.8Ton 1Ton 1.5Ton 2Ton













Water drop type hammer mill feed grinder – Working Principle
1. The use of a wide crushing chamber greatly improves the life of the hammer and sieve plate, especially the life of the small-diameter sieve plate.
2. The rotor assembly is innovatively designed, the rotor runs more smoothly, and can work in forward and reverse directions. Even if the hammer is worn, it can still run smoothly, and the temperature of the crushing chamber is lower.
3. The overall humanized design of the host is easy to control, the vibration is small, and the noise is lower.
4. The machine body is welded with thickened steel plates. Wear-resistant replaceable parts and double wear-resistant plates are used in the crushing chamber and material contact parts. The screen pressing mechanism is improved, and the disassembly and assembly of the screen plate is more convenient, safer and more reliable. It can easily realize coarse and fine crushing functions and improve crushing efficiency.

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